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{{Infobox VG
#redirect [[DuckTales: Remastered]]
|title = DuckTales Remastered
|type =
|image =
[[File:Ducktales remastered.jpg|295px|thumb]]
[[File:*.jpg|295px]] <!-- Try to keep the name of the boxart as short as possible. Can use jpg, png, etc. 295px is mandatory! It makes sure the layout for the rest of the page still works. -->
|developer = WayForward
|publisher = Capcom
|series = <!-- If no series, exclude from page info -->
|released = {{vgrelease|NA=Aug 13, 2013|PAL=Aug 13, 2013|JP=Aug 13, 2013}} <!-- Put them in chronological order left-to-right.  The template will automatically order the  Can use EU and AUS in place of PAL for separate dates -->
|genre = Action, Adventure
|modes = Single-Player
|input = GamePad
|wikipedia = DuckTales:_Remastered
|rating = Playable
'''(game)''' is a (short description) <!-- Please, don't just copy that WITHOUT giving a short description about the game || Description with less than 3 sentences will be considered a stub -->
== Known Issues ==
In-game music, sound and voice acting has volume level issue (some things are way to loud)
== Configuration ==
== Gameplay Videos ==
{{#ev:service|id|dimensions|alignment|description|container}} <!-- using dimensions, "inline" alignment and "frame" container is STRONGLY recommended. -->
== Testing ==
{{testline|version=1.8.2b|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i5 4670k @ 4.2 GHz|GPU=nVidia GTX 750 Ti 2GB|user=chriztr|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=You can now progress beyond the crash that appeared after beating the Beagle Boys and progress further in the game}}

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