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No Configuration required.
No Configuration required.
== Gameplay Vidoes ==
== Gameplay Videos ==
None available.
{{#ev:youtube|j5TqzMVnEIc|300|inline|[ Cemu Emulator 1.12: Freedom Planet]|frame}}
== Testing ==
== Testing ==

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Freedom Planet
Freedom planet artwork by gashi gashi-d5y2buo.jpg
Type Action, Fast paced, Adventure
Developer(s) GalaxyTrail Games
Publisher(s) GalaxyTrail Games
Release date(s) NA October 1, 2015
PAL October 29, 2015
Genre(s) Platform, Action
Mode(s) Single-Player
Input methods Pro Controller, Gamepad
Compatibility PlayablePlayable
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Freedom Planet is a fast paced, adventure game that originally started out as a Sonic Fan Made project, but later down the years of development got it published as an entirely new game that follows up on it's own set of characters and became a hit upon release from fans of the Sonic franchise. The game features gameplay elemements from the old Sonic games, bringing speed and action to the table. There is also some slow paced sections to keep the player up to date on where he/she is. Bosses are intense and will keep you standing on your toes!

Known Issues

No sound is present.


No Configuration required.

Gameplay Videos


Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
1.7.4d Windows 10 EUR Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.4Ghz AMD Radeon HD 7850 Azerk Winter 60 Playable Fully Playable to the end, however audio/sound is not present and screen ratio seems to be slightly off.