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*[[:Category:List of tutorials|List of gaming tutorials]]
*[[:Category:List of tutorials|List of gaming tutorials]]
*[[:Category:List of games|List of games]]
*[[:Category:List of games|List of games]]
**[[:Category:Rating|Game compability (Ratings)]]
**[[:Category:Rating|Game compatibility (Ratings)]]
*[[List: Changelog|Changelog]]
*[[List: Changelog|Changelog]]
*[[Table of Contents]]
*[[Table of Contents]]

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Welcome to the CEMU wiki!
Official knowledge base for CEMU
Statistics: There are 1,236 articles, 2,076 users and 517 files.
The current date is September 25, 2021

What is Cemu?
Cemu is a highly experimental software which can emulate Wii U games on PC. It is currently in development.

Download public build: cemu_1.7.4d Changelog
Next public version: unannounced
These are public builds, if you want to get access to the latest builds one week before public launch, consider donating the developers on Patreon.

Other communities

Please join us on the compat.cemu Discord server to have more direct access to Malkierian or Darkemaste for questions and suggestions.

Support the Cemu developers
If you want to support the developers, visit their Patreon:
Cemu Patreon
Current Patreon build: 1.7.4d
Next build: unannounced
You'll get exclusive access to the Patreon-only build.


  • Add new content to the wiki following the guideline.
  • Create missing game pages using the given templates.
  • Send in your game test results at > [Submit Result] or edit them yourself on the game page.

New Pages
Please make sure, when creating a new game page, to use the Game template and read up on all of the Infobox documentation to make sure you're doing everything right.