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== Reference pages ==
== Reference pages ==
You can refer to the pages below, all are using the appropriate rules and fields:
You can refer to the pages below, all are using the appropriate rules and fields:
*[[Yoshi's Woolly World]]

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This template is used in game pages. If you are creating a new page, you must include only basic info and emulation related details. Some tags also need some rules, listed below:

  • |image = must have the thumbnail size tag based on software type. We use 300px size for GameCube and Wii games, 350px size for Wii Channels screenshots and 160px size for WiiWare titles. If you image doesn't resize, only add some garbage in the end of tag such as the image name (for example [[File:FlingSmash.jpg‎|300px|FlingSmash]]). Cover preference order would be: US NTSC, UK PAL, Other PAL, JP, Other.
  • |developer = must include only the developer of Dolphin emulated platforms (for example, the Playstation 2 and Xbox version of Mortal Kombat Armageddon was developed by Midway but the Wii version was developed by Just Games Interactive, so in this case we include only Just Games Interactive).
  • |publisher = and |released = must use the VGrelease template (for example, on Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins Of The Moon, the publisher tag use {{vgrelease|JP=Namco Bandai Games|NA=Xseed Games|EU=Rising Star Games}} and released tag use {{vgrelease|JP=January 22, 2009|NA=March 16, 2010|EU=March 19, 2010}}). For the releases, list them in chronological order, not alphabetical order of region.

The template will auto-generate categories for each genre, and game play mode listed.


The following are the only valid parameters accepted by Template:Infobox VG. The most common/important entries are in bold. If a variable will not be used, remove it from the code.

|title (Only if title must be shortened from page name)
|type (assumes standard game. valid options are Game, eShop, VC)
|image (Box cover art)
|series (ONLY if there are legitimately more games in the series. If the game was a one-off and doesn't have any related games, don't use this variable)
|platforms (Only for Virtual Console titles to indicate original release system)
|released {{vgrelease|JP=|NA=|PAL=|WW=}} Use NA and JP for USA/North America and Japan, respectively. PAL should be used games that don't have separate release dates for EU and AUS, otherwise use those. use WW for games that were released throughout the world simultaneously (almost exclusively applies to eShop games).
|genre (keep this the same as the Wikipedia page you pulled it from)
|modes (Single-player, Multiplayer (#), Co-op, Online) ONE digit for multiplayer number only
|input (please refrain from using "Wii U" as part of any controller name. They are GamePad and Pro Controller.
|wikipedia (Wikipedia page title ONLY NO URLS)
|rating (Unplayable, Loads, Runs, Playable, Perfect)

Reference pages

You can refer to the pages below, all are using the appropriate rules and fields: