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Mario Kart 64

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Mario Kart 64
Type Virtual Console
Compatibility UnplayableUnplayable
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Mario Kart 64 is a kart racing game in which the player controls one of eight selectable Mario characters who race in karts in different race tracks that vary in shape and theme. During a race, the players can obtain random items from special boxes placed in different areas of the track that are used to impede the opposition and gain the advantage. For example, shells and bananas allow the player to attack opponents and slow them down, and Mushrooms grant the player a temporary boost in speed and jumping ability. In a change from the previous installment, players can carry more than one item at a time. Mario Kart 64 has 16 race courses and 4 battle courses.

Known Issues

  • No audio

Flickering textures

  • This gets worse the lower "GPU buffer cache accuracy" is set, but even on the highest setting, the text in the score screen at the end of a race and the points on the minimap during the race are flickering.


This game requires "GPU buffer cache accuracy" set to "High(Slow)" to run properly.

Gameplay Videos


Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
1.11.1 Windows 10 x64 US AMD Ryzen 7 1700X @ 3.40 GHz AMD RX 480 EDave 30 Playable No sounds. Flickering images.