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Obtaining Keys for Keys.txt

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This page will discuss how to obtain the keys required to run WUD and WUX format games after dumping them from your Wii U console.

   Your Wii U must have Homebrew Channel access before continuing.
Obtaining your Game Keys:
Download Tik2SD and place it in your SD:\wiiu\apps folder, run the homebrew and select the option to either dump the key
for your currently inserted Disc or the keys for your Digital installs.
Read the info on the Github release page, take note that all keys will be in SD:\tik2sd\keys.txt
You may simply paste those keys to the bottom of CEMU's keys.txt file, then save & boot your game.
Obtaining your Wii U Common Key:
Download and install HxD (or equivalent Hex Editor,) and the NandDumper homebrew application; place it into your SD:\wiiu\apps folder.
Open NandDumper on your Wii U and then dump the OTP.bin to your SD Card.
On your PC, open your OTP.bin with HxD and copy from offset 0xE0 ~ 0xEF (000000E0[00] ~ 000000EF[0F])
HxD Hex Editor:
Paste this key in the Wii U Common Key section of your CEMU keys.txt and remove the spaces.
Common Key Edit 1.png