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Old Tutorial:Configuration

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The menu

menu sub-menu description
File Load Load a game
Install game update or DLC Install update data or DLC by select the meta.xml file.
Exit Exit the CEMU Emulator
Options Fullsceen Enable the Fullscreen mode of the emulator. Can be closed with ESC
Enable VSync The vertical refresh rate does not exceed your monitor refresh rate.
Graphic packs Allows to enable and disable Graphic packs and check their status
Upscale Filter Options: Bilinear and Bicubic.
Fullscreen filter Options: Keep aspect ratio and Stretch.
GPU buffer cache accuracy Options: High (slow), Medium and Low (fast)
Audio settings Set audio volume
Input settings Set emulated controller. More info here
Console region Set the emulated console region. Recommended:Auto Possible regions are (USA, Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan)
Console language Set console language. Supported languages are English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Taiwanese.
Tools Memory Searcher A tool to modify values in the memory cache.
CPU Mode Options:Single core interpreter and Single core recompiler (fast)
Timer Options:Cycle based timer and Host based timer (recommended)
NFC Scan NFC tag from file After you load a game you can scan the NFC tag from a *.bin, *.dat or *.nfc file.
Debug Logging Enables development logging. Chooseable: Unsupported API calls, File access, Threat synchronization API, GX2 API, Audio API and Input API events. Will be exported to log.txt in the Cemu folder.
Dump You can choose Textures and Shaders. Make sure to delete the contents of shaderCache/ first as Cemu will not dump shaders that are already cached.
Render upside-down Set the render mode upside-down (flipping the screen).
Disable audio -
Enable BotW crash workaround. -
Full sync at GX2DrawDone() -
View PPC threads Watch thread activity in CPU multi-core mode.
Help About Version info, authors and Patreon supporters.