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Release 1.11.6

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.11.6b
# Patreon release date: 2018-03-27
# Public release date:  2018-04-03

# New in 1.11.6b:

general: Updated MK8 EU game profile (GPU buffer cache accuracy now set to low instead of high)
general: Fixed a bug where changing the 'GPU buffer cache accuracy' UI option would have no effect while a game was running

# New in 1.11.6:

general: Added game list
general: Minor tweaks to UI
general: Updated gameprofiles
general: Added new options to gameprofiles (cpuMode, useRDTSC, loadSharedLibraries)
general: Overhauled logging

input: Input settings window is now resizeable
input: Fixed a crash that could occur in input settings
input: Added home button as an assignable button to wiimote input configuration

padscore: Improved behavior of WPAD/KPadConnectCallback

coreinit: Added API FSGetClientNum

GX2: It is now possible to toggle between conventional shaders (pre Cemu 1.8.0) and separable shaders (default since Cemu 1.8.0)
		Both modes are compatibile with existing graphic packs (custom graphic pack shaders might need to be updated if they were used in combination with a geometry shader)
		Each mode uses separate shader cache files (conventional shader cache has the suffix _j, e.g. 8d354cea_j.bin)
GX2: Fixed alpha channel for BC5 textures
GX2: Added API GX2GetMainCoreId
GX2: Fixed 1D shadow samplers on AMD
GX2: Adjusted the way attributes are passed from geometry to pixel shader so it works on AMD

IOSU_ACT: Retry NNID login if it fails

Download Cemu 1.11.6
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