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Release 1.15.1

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.1e
# Patreon release date: 2018-12-30
# Public release date:  2019-01-06

# New in 1.15.1e (public release):

overlay: Fixed more render state corruption caused by overlay

# New in 1.15.1d:

AX: Fixed missing sound in some games

# New in 1.15.1c:

gfxPack: Fixed connection issue in graphic pack downloader

# New in 1.15.1b:

general: Fixed online mode
gfxPacks: If a graphic pack is installed multiple times Cemu will list each one separately in the tree view

# New in 1.15.1:

debugger: Cemuhook code cave area can now be viewed in disassembly view

gfxPacks: Graphic pack window now has an option to automatically download latest community packs
gfxPacks: Cemu will now scan subfolders for graphic packs

input: Replaced existing Wiimote library with our own implementation
       This should bring the following improvements:
       - Slightly better performance when using wiimotes
       - Better support for wiimote extensions
       - Easier to maintain and fix bugs in the future

input: Wiimotes now include the connected extension type in the name in input settings
input: Fixed issues with controller profile saving/loading when using certain UI languages
input: Added support for native Wiimote classic controller extension
input: Fixed blow microphone button

padscore: Fixed acceleration values for wiimote in KPADRead()

AX: Fixed bug where playback cursor could run out of bounds for ADPCM streams
AX: Added snduser2.rpl HLE implementation
AX: Fixed incorrect volume and delta calculation in snd_user
AX: Added API AXSetVoiceSamplesAddr (snd_core and sndcore2)
AX: Merged Cemu's snd_core and sndcore2 driver code to simplify handling of sound internally

GX2: Intel -nolegacy is now the default mode. Support for older Intel GPUs can now be enabled with -legacy command line option
GX2: Nvidia GLcache will now be stored at <cemuroot>/shaderCache/driver/nvidia/ with size limit disabled (if supported by driver)

overlay: Fixed crash that could occur when the overlay was enabled but no stats were selected
overlay: Fixed render state corruption

nsysnet: Fixed rare crash in recvfrom_ex

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