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Release 1.4.2

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## 1.4.2b public

general: Name of save directory and shader cache file for current .rpx is now displayed in titlebar

## 1.4.2b

ax: Adjusted sample count for AUX callbacks. Previously this could lead to crashes if the sample data was used inside the AUX callback.
ax: Fixed a bug that caused DeviceFinalMix callbacks to be skipped.

## 1.4.2

general: FPS counter now updates more frequently

CPU: Improved recompiler code generated for DCBZ instruction.

h264: Simulate successful video decoding rather than returning errors (proper video decoding is still WIP. The new workaround fixes freezes when a game was waiting for video playback to happen)

coreinit: Fixed a bug in OSReadRegister16() and OSReadRegister32Ex() where 0 was returned instead of the actual register value
coreinit: Added weak-symbol __gh_FOPEN_MAX
coreinit: Added API OSWakeupThread()

ax: Added support for AUX bus callbacks (New API: AXRegisterAuxCallback)
ax: Added support for voice protection (New API: AXVoiceBegin, AXVoiceEnd, AXVoiceIsProtected)

GX2: Added permanent shader cache
		Everytime a previously unknown shader is loaded, the shader and all related renderstate information is cached in a file.
		When CEMU boots a game, it will use the cached information to reconstruct all known shaders right away.
		This significantly can decrease stuttering during emulation but it will also increase boot times.
GX2: Added support for GX2WaitTimeStamp()
GX2: Added support for swap interval configuration via GX2SetSwapInterval()
GX2: Added support for binding depth textures as color targets
GX2: Fixed a bug where color or depth buffers were not correctly cleared.
GX2: Support for texture depth compare modes 'never' and 'always'.
GX2: Reworked texture loader code

FS: Added API FSGetMountSource()

vpad: Added VPADGetTPCalibratedPointEx()
vpad: VPADGetTPCalibratedPoint() now correctly copies the touch flags

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