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Release 1.5.6

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# New in 1.5.6b

general: Mouse cursor is no longer hidden in fullscreen (again)

# New in public release

general: Adjusted handling of command line parameters
         It no longer suffices to just pass the path of a game to automatically launch it.
         Instead, add the -g parameter. Example: cemu.exe -g C:\games\example.wud 

# Patreon release

general: Fixed a bug where the crashlog and some other files were created in the wrong directory when launching a game from .rpx

CPU: Reduced RAM usage of recompiler

coreinit: Fixed a bug in OSSetPeriodicAlarm()

AX: Added API AXSetVoiceSrcType(), AXDecodeAdpcmData()
AX: Implemented sample rate converter for PCM16 format
AX: Implemented PCM8 format decoder and PCM8 sample rate converter
AX: Other small adjustments to improve overall sound quality

DMAE: Added API DMAEFillMem()

GX2: Added API GX2RDirectCallDisplayList()
GX2: Fixed a crash that could occur when an already running occlusion query was started.
GX2: Improved performance of surface copy operations

Download Cemu 1.5.6
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