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Cemu hook

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Description: A nearly complete h264 module for cemu
Author(s) Rajkosto
CEMU: 1.7.3+
License: unknown
Download: Download

Cemuhook is a plugin built by Rajkosto, with help from Exzap, as a temporary solution to the lack of .h264 video support (green videos). This plugin also featured the first use of the GX2SetGPUFence function, Cemu's first hack.


  • - Add compatibility with Cemu 1.8.2 (and hopefully any newer versions in the future)
  • - Adds workaround that fixes rendering problems in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, game runs pretty much perfectly now
  • - Shared Fonts are no longer in the zip file, instead you can download them via the GUI if needed (if you've previously only had the bundled CafeStd.ttf you should delete it as the new one is much better), added -nohook command line option
  • - Implements H264DECCheckDecunitLength (fixes softlock before menu on Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, might improve some other games that use raw 264 streams instead of mp4)
  • - Resizable cemu window! (thanks frognik for demonstrating that this is possible), and the "Keep aspect ratio" option now respects the width/height set in graphics packs (or game profiles, new variable names customARWidth and customARHeight under [Graphics])
  • - Fixed mistake that caused DS4 Gyro deadzones to be unnecessarily high (40deg/sec)
  • - Added alternative GamePad input provider (controller chosen by dropdown menu) with full motion sensor data support ! See the guide on how to set it up
  • - Shared system fonts can now be loaded from ttf files (zip comes with OpenSans-SemiBold, you can supply your own, 4 ttf files in total)
  • - Added options to force texture uploads for video frames (see included profiles for more info), assigned global hotkeys to hook's menu items
  • - Just a hotfix version to make it compatible with Cemu 1.8.1
  • - Only push out one frame at a time in normal callback, affinity is on by default on non-module CPUs, remove robust context
  • - Slightly more accurate video timestamps, doesn't seem to make any more games run
  • - Fix titlebar crash, make affinity and robust context menu options instead of mandatory
  • - Try fixing Win7 cert-related crash on load, dont use OpenGL robust context anymore since it doesnt do anything
  • - Update for 1.7.4, the GX2SetGPUFence hack menu item now just controls the disableGPUfence option, which has better timing
  • - Fix stutter when some games open videos, another try at fixing Win7 crash on startup
  • - Attempt to correct video timing (HW, Pokken, Sochi 2014 can now get to menus), also fix a bug that crashed some Win7 systems
  • - Add width offset back in because graphics packs cannot otherwise distinguish videos in some games
  • - Remove width offset and actually change 1280 check in Cemu internals (fixes DK:TF, HW, and also softdec games)
  • - Fix MK8, DK:TF, go back to -16 width offset, remove VM check
  • - Fix Cemu stuck on loading dll on Windows 7 systems
  • - Implement GX2SetGPUFence skip hack, set CPU affinity to only physical cores at start, and change h264 output width hack to +16 instead of -16 pixels
  • - Initial release