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Graphic packs

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What are graphic packs?

Graphic packs are used for three primary functions

Graphical changes to games

Graphic packs optimize and make changes in the render settings for various enhancements or fixes to games, like 4k and bloom effects.

Assembly changes to games

Cemuhook first added the ability to patch the assembly of the executable of games with the usage of a patches.txt file. Cemu 1.17.0 and later versions support this natively.

Generic emulation setting changes for games

This is similar to Profile options but they are moved to packs for convenience. The most noteable example is the Wii U vsync setting which was moved to the rules.txt of packs because it's convenient for FPS mods.

Graphic packs installation and usage

Graphic packs installation and usage

Graphic packs creation

Graphic packs creation

The main community repository for graphic packs

Main community repository for graphic packs