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#REDIRECT [[Super Mario Kart]]
#REDIRECT [[Super Mario Kart]]
{{Infobox VG
|title = Super Mario Kart
|type = VC-SNES (WIIU)
|image = [[File:JCWE.png|295px]]
|developer = Nintendo
|publisher = Nintendo
|released = {{vgrelease|NA=2015-5-29|PAL=|JP=}} <!-- Put them in chronological order left-to-right.  The template will automatically order the  Can use EU and AUS in place of PAL for separate dates -->
|genre = Racing
|modes = Single Player (1), Multiplayer (2)
|input =
|wikipedia =
|rating = E
Get-in, sit-down, and buckle-up to experience frantic kart racing with the game that started it all. Select one of eight characters from the Mario series—offering a variety of driving styles—and take on three championship cups in three different kart classes. Win enough and you’ll unlock a fourth circuit: the ultra-tough Special Cup. Crossing the finish line in first place isn’t an easy task though, as each track has unique obstacles to conquer and racers can obtain special power-ups that boost them to victory. For a different kind of challenge, take on a friend in multiplayer races or go head-to-head in the Battle Mode arena of your choosing, where the object is to pop your opponent’s balloons before you lose your own. With more than 15 tracks to master and nearly endless replay value, Super Mario Kart is classic gaming…with some banana peels thrown in for good measure! <!-- Please, don't just copy that WITHOUT giving a short description about the game || Description with less than 3 sentences will be considered a stub -->
== Known Issues ==
== Configuration ==
== Gameplay Videos ==
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== Testing ==
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