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Welcome to the Cemu Wiki!

The official knowledge base for the Cemu Emulator

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To find information use the search box on the top right corner of the screen, or categorically browse the wiki using the Documentation topic links provided below.

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 Cemu changelog

v1.26.0 | 2021-12-24 | Details | Download

  • Input system rework
  • Graphics fixes
  • Audio fixes
  • Crash fixes
  • Improved compatibility
  • Various smaller improvements

v1.25.6 | 2021-10-15 | Details | Download

  • Download manager now supports DLC downloading
  • Stability and compatibility improvements
  • Misc fixes

v1.25.5 | 2021-10-01 | Details | Download

  • Added timer speed option
  • Audio improvements
  • Graphics fixes

 Getting started

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Please note: For general Cemu support, please join the Discord server instead. General support is not provided via the wiki.

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Please make sure, when creating a new game page, to use the Game template and read up on all of the Infobox documentation to make sure you're doing everything right.