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[ Download Cemu 1.11.1]<br />
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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.11.1
# Patreon release date: 2017-11-20
# Public release date:  2017-11-27

general: Improved online support, as a consequence Cemu now requires all ccert and scert files to be dumped
general: Input window should open faster
general: Improved error description when file copy operations fail (save migration and update/DLC installer)
general: Cemu will generate meta folder for saves if not already present (necessary to identify saves)
general: Updated application and window icon
general: Updated game profiles

PPC/JIT: New global linear-scan register allocator 
         Previous register allocator would only look at blocks of uninterrupted instructions,
         while the new RA can allocate registers across branches and loops,
         resulting in code with far less memory read/writes.
         If you know x64/ppc asm and want to see an example, check this link: 
PPC/JIT: Use BMI2 SHRX/SHLX for PPC SRW/SLW (if supported)
PPC/JIT: Detect and replace common ADDIC+SUBFE pattern with x64 optimized code

coreinit: Added missing MEMCreateUnitHeapEx, MEMDestroyUnitHeap exports
coreinit: Fixed bugs in memory heap implementations
coreinit: Added API MEMGetNthListObject, MEMGetPrevListObject, MEMPrependList, MCP_GetSystemVersion, MCP_TitleListByDevice

ax: Small tweaks and optimizations to audio handling

nn_ac: Added API GetConnectResult, GetLastErrorCode, GetStatus
nn_ac: Fixed the return values of IsApplicationConnected, GetConnectStatus, GetAssignedAddress, GetAssignedSubnet

nn_act: Implemented API AcquireIndependentServiceToken

nn_acp: Implemented API ACPGetSaveDataTitleIdList, ACPGetTitleSaveMetaXml, ACPGetTitleSaveDirEx

nn_erreula: Implemented preliminary support for nn_erreula library

nlibcurl: Implemented a large chunk of Cafe OS nlibcurl functions

GX2: Fixed a bug that caused a mismatch between geometry and pixel shader attribute location
GX2: Fixed a rare bug that caused textures to be dropped from the texture cache after a period of time despite being still in use

nsysnet: Added API NSSLCreateContext, NSSLSetClientPKI, NSSLAddServerPKI, NSSLAddServerPKIGroups, NSSLDestroyContext

Download Cemu 1.11.1
Changelog source