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Release 1.22.10

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  1. Cemu detailed changelog for 1.22.10
  2. Patreon release date: 2021-04-02
  3. Public release date: 2021-04-09
  1. New in 1.22.10b:

general: Fixed a crash caused by the separate GamePad view

  1. New in 1.22.10:

general: Vulkan is now the default render API general: Added game profile option to overwrite the render API (#238) general: Games installed via the file menu will now appear in the game list automatically (previously it was necessary to manually refresh it) general: Fixed 'meta.xml missing' error that could occur when trying to install games/updates/dlc

gfxPack: Fixed a bug where graphic pack logging output would be garbled

Vulkan: Reduced number of Vulkan image views created by roughly 50%

       Prevents crashes on drivers that have a low image view limit

coreinit: Tweaked behavior of MPWaitTaskQ() to prevent it from starving other threads of all CPU time

         This fixes random softlocks in Yoshi's Woolly World (#474)

debugger: Fixed incorrect encoding of CR register with non-zero index in compare instructions debugger: Graphic pack codecaves now show up in the module list debugger: Added condition registers to the register view

Note: (#xx) refers to resolved bug tracker issues. See