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Release 1.5.3

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CPU: Improved recompiler robustness and accuracy

MIC: Added support for microphone API (MICOpen, MICClose, MICGetStatus, MICGetState, MICSetState, MICSetDataConsumed)

Input: Added button to Wii U gamepad configuration to simulate 'microphone blow'.

AX: CEMU now uses DirectSound for audio output
AX: Completely rewrote audio timing from ground up to reduce playback latency and decrease stutter
AX: Added 'Disable audio' debug option which mutes all sound output and reduces the rate at which audio callbacks are made to the game, potentially reducing CPU overhead

GX2: Added support for anisotropic filtering
GX2: Added support for sRGB color space
GX2: Fixed a texture cache problem that was introduced with the addition of mip-maps
GX2: Added a special case that handles invalid render states where the resolution of the depthbuffer does not match the size of the active colorbuffer(s)
GX2: Made some adjustments to how polygon offset is calculated
GX2: Fixed a crashbug that could occur when certain texture formats where used