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Release 1.5.4

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# New in public release

GX2: Fixed a bug that lead to surface copy operations not working or even crashing CEMU
GX2: Fixed a crash bug in the streamout handler

# Patreon release

CPU: Added instructions to recompiler: PS_SUM1, PS_NMADD, PS_NMSUB, PS_CMPO0, RLWNM, LFDX, LFDUX
CPU: Made some adjustments to recompiler to improve floating point accuracy
CPU: Fixed a bug in interpreter PS_STX instruction

coreinit: New API: __ghs_flock_create(), OSCancelAlarm(), IMEnableDim(), IMIsDimEnabled()

AX: New API AXComputeLpfCoefs(), AXRegisterAuxBCallback()

nfp: New API: Initialize(), GetNfpState()

zLib: New API: inflateReset()

h264: Various smaller changes to stop games from softlocking
h264: New API: H264DECSetBitstream()

PAD: New API: VPADGetGyroZeroDriftMode(), VPADSetGyroZeroDriftMode(), KPADRead()

GX2: Added VSync option
GX2: New API: GX2SetGeometryTexture(), GX2SetGeometrySampler(), GX2GetDepthStencilControlReg()
GX2: Added support for XOR_INT shader instruction
GX2: Improved support for occlusion queries
GX2: Added proper support for geometry shader textures
GX2: Added support for scissor box
GX2: Added support for binding mip slices of 2D array, 3D or cubemap textures as render targets
GX2: Fixed a bug where a surface copy operation would pick the wrong depth texture from the texture cache
GX2: Fixed a bug where the offset in SAMPLE_* shader instructions was ignored
GX2: GX2WaitTimeStamp() now correctly returns true/false
GX2: GX2Init() no longer resets event callbacks
GX2: Improvements to Streamout shader emulation
GX2: Added debug option to globally disable Streamout shaders

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