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Release 1.5.5

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# New in public release

general: Added crash logging (In case of crash, CEMU will log information to 'crashlog.txt')
general: Undid change to hide cursor in fullscreen (Better solution is in the works)

# Patreon release

general: Added game profiles (text files that store settings per-game)
general: Added automatic region detection
general: Mouse cursor is now hidden in fullscreen mode
general: Added hotkey (Ctrl + Tab) to toggle between TV or GamePad display. (Note: This is only a temporary solution until we have better GamePad handling)
general: CEMU will now display game name and region in the titlebar.

coreinit: New API: OSInitSemaphoreEx(), FSWriteFileAsync()

h264: Improved implementation of H264DECMemoryRequirement()

CPU: Added RLWNM., PS_RSQRTE, PS_RES, PS_NEG, STFSUX, MFTB/MFTBU, LSWI/STSWI and TW instructions to recompiler
CPU: Optimized code generated by recompiler for instructions RLWIMI, RLWINM
CPU: Added optimizer pass to recompiler (Removes redundant instructions)
CPU: Fixed a bug in interpreter MFTB/MFTBU

GX2: Fixed a deadlock that could happen when the game was waiting for an vsync event to occur
GX2: Added experimental setting 'Use persistent vertex buffers'.
     If enabled, CEMU will attempt to use more recent OpenGL features to stream geometry data to the GPU.
	 Allows for higher throughput but may cause graphical issues.
GX2: Fixed a bug in GX2ConvertDepthBufferToTextureSurface() that could lead to a softlock
GX2: Improved Streamout emulation

nn_save: New API SAVEMakeDirAsync(), SAVERemoveAsync(), SAVEGetStatAsync(), SAVERenameAsync(), SAVEOpenDirOtherNormalApplicationAsync()
nn_save: Fixed a bug in SAVEGetStatOtherApplication()

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