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[ Download Cemu 1.7.5]<br />
[ Changelog source]

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.7.5
# Patreon release date: 2017-04-23
# Public release date:  2017-04-30

CPU/Interpreter: Improved accuracy of various floating point operations (including correct handling for PPC's non-ieee mode)
CPU/JIT: Added experimental support for PPC's non-ieee mode
CPU/JIT: Optimized loops and branches by caching CR0 in x64 flags register if possible

RPL: Fixed a crash caused by too large SDA areas

GX2: Various optimizations for the graphics backend, including:
		... optimizing the algorithm for vertex/uniform/streamout cache lookup
		... avoiding all redundant GL state changes
		... implementing OpenGL DSA for textures
		... other micro optimizations throughout the entire code
GX2: Fixed a bug leading to corrupted shader cache files
GX2: Rendering to SNORM textures is now correctly handled on Nvidia GPUs
GX2: Fixed a bug in GX2ClearBuffersEx() and GX2ClearDepthStencilEx() where depthbuffer->clearDepth was set to the incorrect value
GX2: Fixed crash caused by unsupported vertex/geometry shader mode
GX2: Added experimental mode 'min' for game profile option 'accurateShaderMul' (see gameProfiles/example.ini for details)
GX2: Modifying the 'accurateShaderMul' game profile option now invalidates precompiled shaders

Download Cemu 1.7.5
Changelog source