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{{Infobox VG
#REDIRECT [[Super_Smash_Bros._for_Wii_U]]
|title = Super Smash Bros for Wii U
|image = [[File:Super Smash Bros U.png|295px]]
|developer = Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco Games
|publisher = Nintendo
|series = Super Smash Bros.
|released = {{vgrelease|NA=November 21, 2014|EU=November 28, 2014|AUS=November 29, 2014|JP=December 6, 2014}}
|genre = Fighting, platformer
|modes = Single-player, Multiplayer (8), Online (4)
|input = GamePad, Wii MotionPlus + Nunchuk, Classic Controller Pro, GameCube Controller
|wikipedia = Super_Smash_Bros._for_Nintendo_3DS_and_Wii_U
|rating = Perfect
'''Super Smash Bros for Wii U''' is a non-traditional multiplayer fighting game in which the players use various attacks, techniques, and items to deal damage to their opponents and knock their opponents out of the arena. As a character's damage percentage increases, they fly back further when attacked, and may eventually be knocked far enough out of the playing field to be knocked out. To assist players during battle, items sometimes appear on the battlefield if turned on, most of which represent the various video games represented in the series.
== Known Issues ==
===Multicore Recompiler Crash===
The Game crashes randomly when using Multicore Recompiler; this behavior started with Cemu 1.22.0
===Smash Tour Crash===
Needs verified but it's believed you need to dump your Mii data from your Wii U for this mode to proceed. Mii data is included when dumping your Online File content as covered [ here.]
=== In-game stutter ===
This behavior is expected due to shader and pipeline creation. It's recommended to use Async Compile to mitigate this ('''Options''' -> '''General Settings''' -> '''Graphics''' -> '''Async Compile''')<br />
Learn more about the feature [ here].
=== Audio stuttering ===
This might happen if your system is barely maintaining 60FPS; Smash will sacrifice audio quality before it sacrifices FPS.<br />
A solution to this would be to increase the audio latency a tiny bit. The Audio latency slider can be found at '''Options''' -> '''General Settings''' -> '''Audio tab'''
=== Stage Creator ===
The stage creator will give you a black game pad view.<br />
Use the main window (also known as the TV) to draw your stage.<br />
{|style="margin: 0 left;"
| [[File:Cemu1211 smash stage creator.png|450px|thumb|none|Stage creator at the main window]]
| [[File:Cemu1211 audio latency.png|450px|thumb|none|Where to find the audio latency slider in 1.21.1]]
== Configuration ==
*This game does not require non-default settings to run properly. You can install [[Tutorial:How to update a game|game updates]] and [[Tutorial:How to install a DLC|DLCs]]. Optionally there are [[Tutorial:Graphic pack|graphic packs available]].
*You are required to dump account files from your Wii U to play online in Cemu or use Smash Tour, a guide to do so can be found [[Tutorial:Online Play|here]].
== Previous Known Issues on older Cemu Builds ==
{{cot|1=Expand to see the full list.|left=yes}}
=== The hand to select characters and characters showing up at stages are now working again as of cemu 1.21.1 ===
{|style="margin: 0 left;"
| [[File:Cemu1211 smash select screen.png|450px|thumb|none|The pointing hand is now back!]]
| [[File:Cemu1211 smash game play.png|450px|thumb|none|Characters on stage]]
=== Character/Stage Specific Slowdowns  ===
*Certain specific stages and high-poly characters result in slower than normal performance.
=== Item Spawns  ===
*Glitched item spawning with squares/polygons when an item is initially spawned.
=== Vendor-Specific Issues ===
* Flickering/disappearing objects/effects/characters in certain stages on Nvidia GPUs.
=== Sound Problems ===
*In-game sounds have a lot of issues. In order to fix this you need to:
- Click '''Options''' and then '''Experimental''' and enable '''Use RDTSC'''
- Click on '''Debug''' and then '''Custom Timer''' and set it to '''QPC''' or '''RDTSC'''
=== Amiibos Don't Work ===
*In some cases, attempting to load an Amiibo using a file isn't registered by the game. In some cases the game will give a blank textbox.
=== Stage designer mode using gamepad view with touch ===
*In Smash Bros the gamepad view remains blank, however it appears that moving the main Cemu game view over to a touchscreen allows it to function which is odd. This does not appear to be a controller profile setup issue.<br>
*It seems that you can draw on the gamepad view using touch and the inputs will appear in the main window, the image is just not rendered in the gamepad view.<br>
== Gameplay Videos ==
{{#ev:youtube|tV7JYb8U58I|300|inline|[ Super Smash Bros. U on Cemu 1.21.1]]|frame}}
{{#ev:youtube|4mbHWx_EDKE|300|inline|[ CEMU v1.11.4b Super Smash Bros. U Test]|frame}}
{{#ev:youtube|9MYrG28a6os|300|inline|[ Super Smash Bros. U on Cemu 1.11.6]|frame}}
{{#ev:youtube|RgVjJ0UegPA|300|inline|[ Cemu Emulator 1.12: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U]|frame}}
== Testing ==
{{cot|Older Testing (1.4.0~1.21.0)}}
{{testline|version=1.4.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.2GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970|user=chrisfand|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Black screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.4.0c|OS=Windows 8.1|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti|user=KingLava|FPS=5 - 10|rating=Loads|notes=Game loads to start screen. Subsequently black screens when start is pressed}}
{{testline|version=1.4.0c|OS=Windows 8|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 3350P|GPU=AMD Radeon HD 7750|user=Jelmerro|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Black screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.4.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i5-3570k|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 Nano|user=Hellz|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Emulator is stuck on "Loading..." black screen as soon as tries to load up the game.}}
{{testline|version=1.4.1|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.5GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970|user=ZupaaHD|FPS=26|rating=Loads|notes=Loads but straightaway stuck on flickering black screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.4.1|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=Nvidia GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Game appears to be stuck in loading on white screen}}
{{testline|version=1.4.1|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i3 41300T @ 2.9 GHz|GPU=Nvidia GeForce GPU [GTX 860m variant 2GB]|user=Bluey|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Black flickering screen on load. Changing framebuffer makes the screen white/red}}
{{testline|version=1.4.2b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-4690k|GPU=Nvidia GeForce GTX 970|user=PTKickass|FPS=23|rating=Unplayable|notes=It does manage to boot (hence the average FPS) but simply shows a black screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.4.2b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i4930k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 780Ti SLI (2x)|user=MrObjection|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Stuck on "loading" black screen}}
{{testline|version=1.4.2b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-5200U|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce 940M​|user=Miguel92398|FPS=About 5 - 16|rating=Runs|notes="Smash 4 boots m8 and I'm using a phone to do that!}}
{{testline|version=1.4.2b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Unchanged from 1.4.1, game stuck loading on white screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.0|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3720qm|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970m|user=Jobenblue|FPS=6-30|rating=Loads|notes=gets to title on fb 6 but not any farther}}
{{testline|version=1.5.0|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.9GHz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 780|user=Sid|FPS=10-20|rating=Loads|notes=Loads to title on framebuffer 6, after a few minutes it crashes.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.0|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel i7-5500U @ 2.4GHz|GPU=Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M|user=Playtester|FPS=3-14|rating=Loads|notes=Gets to title with framebuffer 6 then crashes after few minutes.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.0|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=17-20|rating=Loads|notes=5-10 FPS on heavy graphics usage (animation of title screen), 27-30 FPS on black screen."}}
{{testline|version=1.5.0|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=30|rating=Loads|notes=Self dumped copy of PAL Smash. Framebuffer 6: ~30 FPS in dialog boxes and 50 FPS in black screen. Unlike the NTSC-U .wud version I tested, this does not make it to the title screen after the second dialog box.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.1|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-5500U @ 2,4 GHz|GPU=nVidia GeForce GTX 950M|user=Playtester|FPS=4-50|rating=Loads|notes=Game loads to title on framebuffer 6 with 6 fps. Now has messed up sound (probably because of 6 fps). After title 50 fps on black screen till crash.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.1|OS=Windows 8|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 4790|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970|user=Frostlandia|FPS=25|rating=Unplayable|notes=25fps seems to be the cap}}
{{testline|version=1.5.1|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=22|rating=Unplayable|notes=Game does not seem to load anymore, even with framebuffer (6).}}
{{testline|version=1.5.1|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=22-25|rating=Loads|notes=Loads on framebuffer 6, audio works but does not get to the title screen. stable ~35 FPS on black screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.1|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-3570K|GPU=Nvidia GTX 770|user=OCEANaf|FPS=10|rating=Unplayable|notes=Flickering black screen; Frame buffer 1, 2, 5, and 7 produces results of white, red, white, and green screen while everything else is black flicker.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=AMD FX 8320 @4.0 Ghz|GPU=AMD Radeon HD 7750|user=Sharpjaws|FPS=60|rating=Loads|notes=No more blackscreen. the game loads fine but its stuck on the startup loading screen forever. There seems to be missing text like "Saving Data..."  as the  window is completely blank}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 4720 HQ|GPU=Nvidia GTX 960M|user=Hawkins|FPS=45 (Menus) 15-20 (ingame)|rating=Runs|notes=Menus are almost perfect (in terms of accuracy), a few minor glitches in battle.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 7|region=EUR|CPU=AMD FX 8320 @ 4.4GHz|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 390|user=Darkemaste|FPS=20-60|rating=Playable}}
Audio issues in general. Only minor visual glitches with item spawns and visually appears nearly perfect otherwise, appears to be AMD GPU specific."
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 4790K|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 390X|user=Wardoctors|FPS=25-30|rating=Playable|notes=Full speed at 30fps. }}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 6600K @4.4Ghz|GPU=Intel 530 iGPU|user=Gag21|FPS=10-30 ingame, 60 menus|rating=Runs|notes=Crashes Very frequently in battle was able to complete a 2min smash only once}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=AMD-FX 6300|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 380|user=Meta_KnightX|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Game has loading screen (with blank tip window) probably had it loading over 5 minutes, would not load.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-4690|GPU=AMD R9 280|user=m1k3245|FPS=6-21|rating=Runs|notes=45-60 FPS on Menu | 35-45FPS on Character Selection | 6-21FPS in Battle (1 Player, 1 CPU) | 6-16 FPS in Battle (1 Player, 3 CPU) | Texture issues in battle | Win screen oversaturated | Freezes occasionally on loading screens | Major Full Screen artifacts right before main screen | All text boxes are blank}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 6600K @4.5Ghz|GPU=ATI/AMD HD 5570 1Gb DDR3|user=Gag21|FPS=50-60 Menus, 30-50 CSS, 20-40 in Battle |rating=Runs|notes=To BOOT ALL Controllers must be disabled , Game Fully Updated + DLC Working , Unlike My Previous Test with iGPU does NOT Crash As Frequently BUT with the " no sound build" there are frequent freezes when loading. AND Game Some time slows down Considerably to 10-20fps which is some times fixed by (un)full screening or clicking outside cemu if not restart. P.S DO NOT Use the Pro Controller. }}
{{testline|version=1.5.2 (No audio)|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=AMD A10m-5750|GPU=AMD Radeon HD 8650G (APU)|user=LuigiFanMario|FPS=10-15 ingame|rating=Playable|notes=In game speed doesn't seem to suffer despite the low FPS. Menus are still slow. Loading time is abysmally long(and I'm even using an .rpx!), like, even worse than Sonic 06.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i3 2100|GPU=Nvidia gtx 750 non ti 1gb ddr5|user=kxlink|FPS=28.4|rating=Playable}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2 (No audio)|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i5 3320M @ 2.6GHz|GPU=AMD Radeon HD 7570M|user=Hamza|FPS= In-Game 25, Menu 60|rating=Runs|notes=works with 1.5.2_NoAudio only. Black Screen with normal build. little shutter sometimes.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=60|rating=Loads|notes=Choppy audio, black screens just before the title screen after save data setup.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=60|rating=Loads|notes=Choppy audio, game hangs(?) while loading on first screen}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2 (No audio)|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=50-55 menu, 3-10 ingame |rating=Playable|notes=Instead of title screen, a green glitched screen appears, then title screen loads. Issues with brightness. Game lags heavily upon attempting to load a stage and graphical effects are not rendered properly and also lag.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2 (No audio)|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640|user=PKBeam|FPS=58-60|rating=Loads|notes=Does not load title screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-6820HK @3.6GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce 980M|user=N/A|FPS=60FPS in menu 30FPS locked in matches|rating=Runs|notes=Frequently crashes on classic mode,events.  Smash Tour crashes Cemu}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 10|region=JPN|CPU=Intel Core i7 3770|GPU=Nvidia GTX 660|user=Ult|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Black screen after blank menu. }}
{{testline|version=1.5.2 (No audio)|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=Intel Xeon W3550 @3.07GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970|user=David|FPS=15-20|rating=Runs|notes=Load times are long and fps stutter greatly while in game.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2 (No audio)|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX-8320|GPU=AMD Radeon R7 200 Series|user=nidfan|FPS=28-55|rating=Runs|notes=It might stay black at certain points until the title screen, but it can be usually fixed disconnecting all controllers. Loading times are often lengthy. Many stages, such as Hyrule Castle or Duck Hunt, appear with an extreme bloom effect, as well as the result screen. Also, certain characters cause noticeable lag when in battle (ex. Robin and Bayonetta) than others. Another issue is the game frequently hangs up after defeating a unlockable character, although not every time.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.2|OS=Windows 8.1|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX-8350 @ 5.1GHz|GPU=nVidia GTX 770|user=fanta34|FPS=6|rating=Runs|notes=Some menus don't appear as they should. Unfortunately, I couldn't test the game itself because of the awfully low framerate. It took me ten minutes to take a stock off of the CPU Donkey Kong. It felt like I was playing a TAS.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.3|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i5 3570k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 660 oc |user=Michaël Bisson|FPS=30 fps|rating=Playable|notes=game run best without audio but if i put audio i lose more fps but on titles where i chose characters i get 60 fps without audio and with audio i get 30 fps and is same for mode battle best fps i get 30 fps without audio and with audio i get 20 fps and after done battle this game freeze at winner character with black screen }}
{{testline|version=1.5.3|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 6700k (4.0Ghz)|GPU=GeForce GTX 980 ti|user=Lunikc|FPS=6-12 in-game and good 60 in menu and title screen|rating=Loads|notes=While i have a pretty good CPU, i've seen people with worse get at least a good 20-30 fps, i do'nt really understand, will try with more games though.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.3|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-6500|GPU=Nvidia GTX960|user=ii|FPS=59|rating=Playable}}
{{testline|version=1.5.3|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 4790K (overclocked)|GPU=Nvidia Gtx 780 Sli|user=Felixowns|FPS=60 in menu, 60 in 1 v 1, 30-40 in 4 player|rating=Playable|notes=Overclocked one core on my CPU and noticed an instant performance boost. All my tweaking was done through Asus AI Tweak 3 on a Z87-ws motherboard. CPU and GPU's water cooled.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.3|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, 4 GB|user=PKBeam|FPS=25 (menu), 4 (ingame)|rating=Playable|notes=Several text and texture rendering issues present.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.3|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel i7 4790k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970|user=None|FPS=10-25 in battles, stage battlefield|rating=Runs|notes=Aside from occassional stutters in menus and loading screens everything ran smooth, only problem is the screen darkens a bit at character select and in battlefield i get sub 25 fps constantly, 10-25}}
{{testline|version=1.5.3|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel i7 4770|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1070 OC 8GB|user=robby1499|FPS=60-40|rating=Playable|notes=Sometimes visual glitch appears but with pressing a button it disapears.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.4|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, 4 GB|user=PKBeam|FPS=23 (main menu), 7 (ingame)|rating=Runs|notes=Text/texture issues still present.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.4|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=FX-6300|GPU=Nvidia GTX 750 TI 2GB|user=Vmarcelo|FPS=20-35|rating=Runs|notes=several errors with the lights , sounds and framerate" }}
{{testline|version=1.5.4|OS=windows 10 |region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 6700k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1080 FTW|user=wind|FPS=runs at 60fps until stage load then 30 below|rating=Runs|notes=cheat engine does not work 100% of the time  email is}}
{{testline|version=1.5.4|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz|GPU=AMD RADEON R9 280|user=Sid|FPS=1-2|rating=Playable|notes=Flashing graphics on and before some loading screens, otherwise playable except for the framerate. }}
{{testline|version=1.5.5c|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=Intel Pentium G3258 @4.4GHz|GPU=nVidia GTX 750Ti|user=Saiyaken_PHOENIX|FPS=5-10|rating=Runs|notes=Sound is a few notes lower than the original, runs about 45 FPS in menus, but horribly slow during gameplay.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.5c|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-6700k @ 4.8GHz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970|user=zXTechnoWolf|FPS=60 in menu; 15 in game|rating=Runs|notes=Heavy graphical error on some screens and on certain menus text is missing. Other than low framerate, entirely playable though.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.5c|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel i5500U @ 2.4 GHz|GPU=nVidia GeForce GTX 950M|user=Playtester|FPS=60 fps menu, 40-60 fps (mostly 60 fps) ingame with some fps drops|rating=Playable|notes=Brightness issues and some minor graphic glitches. Smash mode completely playable. Text boxes blank. Single Player mode playable to master hand battle. Smash Tour unplayable due to Miis.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.6b|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i5-3570k @ 4,2GHz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970|user=CrankenPR0|FPS=Menu:60 Ingame:30|rating=Runs|notes=Had to sometimes enable/disable audio to "unstuck" it(happened mostly in loading screens)}}
{{testline|version=1.5.6b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz|GPU=AMD Radeon RX 470 OC, 4 GB|user=PKBeam|FPS=40 in menu, 6 ingame|rating=Playable|notes=Major video glitch before title screen and still, missing text.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.6b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel® Core i7-4700HQ @ 3.40GHz |GPU=Nvidia GTX 960|user=Rob|FPS=Menus: 50-60 In-game: 8-30 (depending on stage + characters)|rating=Loads|notes=Menus are very smooth, but gameplay doesn't work most of the time. I've found that low-poly characters (ie Kirby) and low poly stages (ie omega Gamer) make playing the game actually bearable, but other than in that specific situation the game is unplayable. There is a weird dark effect over the game, and after a match completes and gets past the results screen, the game gets stuck on a loading screen indefinitely.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.6b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-4460 @ 3.20 GHz|GPU=Intel HD Graphics 4600|user=DevinSSB|FPS=30-40, peaks at lower 50s with certain characters|rating=Playable|notes=Playable if you can stand 30fps}}
{{testline|version=1.5.6b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Inter Core i5 3230M|GPU=Intel HD Graphics 4000|user=Lite Cl|FPS=40Fps|rating=Playable|notes=The Game not crash, but fps decrease to 3-5 in game, in menu run to 40fps (average 51fps), character Select 27fps. 2 minutes in game are 25 aprox. in real life.}}
{{testline|version=1.5.6b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz|GPU=NVIDIA Geforce 970|user=BillCosby6969|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Other than those several things, the game is pretty much perfect to play."}}
{{testline|version=1.5.6b|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=Amd phenom 3.2 x4|GPU=Nvidia Gtx 1060|user=CJUni|FPS=60|rating=Perfect}}
{{testline|version=1.6.0|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-4690 3.50 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960|user=Microsoftv|FPS=55|rating=Runs|notes=Different maps provide different issues, however the common issue is after winning a match, game will be stuck on white screen, loading screen or frozen on map 90% of the time.}}
{{testline|version=1.6.0|OS=Windows 7|region=EUR|CPU=AMD FX 8320 @ 4.4GHz|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 390|user=Darkemaste|FPS=20-60|rating=Playable|notes=Audio issue still present, slightly increased performance since 1.5.2. Other than that no major changes since 1.5.2/1.5.6.}}
{{testline|version=1.6.0|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 4790k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970|user=Pajama|FPS=60-35|rating=Runs|notes=Dips into 10 fps a bunch. Intro movie is a green mess, and winning screen is really bright. The rest of the game is really dark.}}
{{testline|version=1.6.0|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=AMD FX 8350|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 280|user=DragonSeth|FPS=20-30|rating=Runs|notes=The game has a lot of freezing. And lots of frame rate drops but i can somewhat stay at 10-30 frames good luck CEMU!}}
{{testline|version=1.6.0|OS=Windows 7|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i7-920|GPU=Nvidia GTX970|user=Asper|FPS=60|rating=Loads|notes=Infinite loading at black screen after 1st screnns}}
{{testline|version=1.6.1|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 5960k|GPU=Nvidia gtx 960|user=jonymog|FPS=60-30|rating=Runs|notes=some weird green graphical glitches and the game runs very slow but somewhat playable}}
{{testline|version=1.6.1|OS=Windows10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 6700HQ @2.6GHz (overclocked)|GPU=Nvidia GTX 950m|user=playnich8|FPS=11-30|rating=Runs|notes=If game screen goes black(mainly on intro) - disable controller, save and close that window.... should start.then re enable, but u will need to remap controls.
Sometimes it runs slow (11fps or lower). Clicking off of cemu on desktop or windows bar and clicking back after 10seconds speeds it up.}}
{{testline|version=1.6.1|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX 8320 @ 4.4GHz|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 390|user=Darkemaste|FPS=30-60|rating=Playable|notes=Audio issue still present, overall slightly increased performance from 1.5.6.
Only minor visual glitches with item spawns and visually appears nearly perfect otherwise, appears to be AMD GPU specific.}}
{{testline|version=1.6.2|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX 8320 @ 4.4GHz|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 390|user=Darkemaste|FPS=45-60|rating=Playable|notes=Audio issue still present, greatly increased performance in low-performance stages and during moves that previously caused slowdowns.
Only minor visual glitches with item spawns and visually appears nearly perfect otherwise, appears to be AMD GPU specific.}}
{{testline|version=1.6.3|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX 8320 @ 4.4GHz|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 390|user=Darkemaste|FPS=30-60|rating=Playable|notes=Lighting issue is now present, (excessively dark/missing lighting) other than that no major changes from 1.6.2.}}
{{testline|version=1.6.4|OS=windows 10|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX 6300|GPU=AMD R9 200 series|user=jaime|FPS=30|rating=Playable}}
{{testline|version=1.7.0|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5-6500|GPU=Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti|user=Supersonicboss1|FPS=35|rating=Loads}}
{{testline|version=1.7.0d|OS=Windows 10|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i7 6800k|GPU=Nvidia  GTX 1070 OC|user=PedroSound|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Some fps drop but only on new effects only once, after i think there's a "cache" and no more slow.}}
{{testline|version=1.7.1|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX 6300|GPU=AMD RX 480 4gb|user=vpcapo|FPS=20-60|rating=Playable|notes=Is playable but fps frecuently downs up to 20}}
{{testline|version=1.7.1|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=AMD FX 8320 @ 4.4GHz|GPU=AMD Radeon R9 390|user=Darkemaste|FPS=45-60|rating=Playable|notes=Lighting issue introduced in 1.6.3 for AMD GPUs is no longer present, major audio improvements in that in-game audio now seems to play at 90-95% full speed. Only minor visual glitches with item spawns and visually appears nearly perfect otherwise, appears to be AMD GPU specific.}}
{{testline|version=1.7.1|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel i5 7600K @ 3.8 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070|user=ShadowStealer7|FPS=30-60|rating=Playable|notes=Game runs fine for the most part, glitchy audio, missing text from text boxes, some framerate drops with certain characters (mainly DLC characters) and stages, hangs at a black screen on boot unless input is disabled and prerendered cutscenes show as a green screen with slowed audio.}}
{{testline|version=1.7.2c|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 4950|GPU=Nvidia GTX 750ti|user=jjstyle|FPS=30|rating=Playable|notes=controller bugs/ cant add 2nd control}}
{{testline|version=1.7.3d|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 4670k @ 4.2 GHz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 2GB|user=chriztr|FPS=30-60|rating=Playable|notes=Most stages play fine at 50-60 fps.
Some require more horsepower that what I got, so it dips down to 20-30fps
I find this enjoyable at this state.
{{testline|version=1.7.3d|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 4690k|GPU=AMD R9 390|user=Radioactive Snake|FPS=20-60|rating=Playable|notes=It jumps rapidly. From 60 fps then slows right down when you actually fight to 20 fps.  No text shows up on any of the menu's that have you press "Ok}}
{{testline|version=1.7.3d|OS=Windows 7|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Core i5-4440|GPU=Nvidia GTX 660Ti|user=ExDiver|FPS=15-30|rating=Playable}}
{{testline|version=1.7.3d|OS=Windows 7|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5|GPU=AMD radeon r5 M255|user=Linksmasher456|FPS=55 to 60 |rating=Playable}}
{{testline|version=1.7.3d|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 6700k|GPU=Nvidia gtx 970|user=skylerwilder|FPS=15|rating=Loads|notes=cant complete more than a few stages before white screen crashes on completion}}
{{testline|version=1.7.3d|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel i5 7600K @ 3.8 GHz|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070|user=ShadowStealer7|FPS=15-60|rating=Playable|notes=Nothing different to 1.7.1, although sometimes framerate will drop as low as 15 for 30 seconds to a minute after a match start}}
{{testline|version=1.7.3d|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel i5 6600K @ 4.5 GHz|GPU=nVidia GeForce GTX 970|user=Crowzer|FPS=40-60|rating=Playable|notes= Still the brightness issue, make the game quite dark. It appears to be nVidia related. Otherwise, the game run good.}}
{{testline|version=1.7.4d|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core I5 4690k @4.2GHz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 3Gb 1060|user=Jacob|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Gave me a text dialogue that had no text, infinite black screen after}}
{{testline|version=1.7.4d|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core I5|GPU=Nvidia GTX GTX 750 Ti 2GB|user=Shadowknight|FPS=50|rating=Runs|notes=Only playable with two players in a match.}}
{{testline|version=1.7.5|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 7400|GPU=AMD RX 570|user=Jas|FPS=40|rating=Playable}}
{{testline|version=1.8.0b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 7400 @ 3.0GHz|GPU=AMD RX 480 4GB|user=Wapix|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Can only play with two other CPUs before the emulator crashes.}}
{{testline|version=1.8.0b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 4670k @ 4.2GHz|GPU=GTX 750 Ti 2GB|user=chriztr|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Some stutters while playing, not to bad. Three players works fine. 8 players (including CPUs) made the game crash.}}
{{testline|version=1.8.0b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 3.2GHz|GPU=GTX 1060 3GB|user=Dat1AZNBanana|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Game has few studders and when starting it for the first time there was significant lag. Audio studders even when the game is running at full speed. 8 player smash with just 1 player and 7 CPUs/AI didn't crash my game}}
{{testline|version=1.8.0b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1GHz|GPU=GTX 1050ti 4GB|user=Sporvdic|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Game drops fps slightly.Changing gpu buffer cache accuracy to low seems to help on stages with a lot of effects. }}
{{testline|version=1.8.1b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i3 7100 @ 3.9GHz|GPU=GTX 1050ti 4GB|user=Camotoy|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=1.8.0b was playable for me, besides the input bug/audio/unable to unlock characters ETC. This build refuses to start Super Smash Bros no matter what I do. I'm using version 1.1.6 of Smash. }}
{{testline|version=1.8.1b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i3 7100 @ 3.9GHz|GPU=Nvidia GT 730|user=ChrisChaos|FPS=N/A|rating=Unplayable|notes=Crashes during startup on 1.8.1b even when disabling inputs as recommended. I reverted back to 1.8.0b and the game loads without issue. }}
{{testline|version=1.8.1b|OS=Windows 10|region=USA|CPU=Intel Core i5 6600K @ 4.4GHz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1070|user=SirenBrink|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes= Updates and DLC can only be used with the EUR version of the game. Must disable all input to proceed to the title screen. Persistent audio bugs, lag in menus, and the title screen cinematic tears and skips. Otherwise, the game runs fine. Able to play at 60 FPS stable in matches and unlock characters as normal. Mii characters have no heads. }}
{{testline|version=1.8.2b|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i5 4670k @ 4.2GHZ|GPU=Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 2GB|user=chriztr|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=The game runs as expected. I've only experienced on crash after 20mins of gameplay.}}
{{testline|version=1.8.2b|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7 6700k @ 4.5GHZ|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB|user=Psilo|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=White screen lock after completing stages in Solo mode. Sometimes crashes when too many players/effects at the same time.}}
{{testline|version=1.9.0b|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7 4790k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1070|user=FaserF|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Disable any input configuration before start! Tested with 4 Players in Multiplayer Mode.}}
{{testline|version=1.9.1|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=AMD FX-9370|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1070|user=dsjrb|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=With any Updates CEMU 1.9.1 will not start, it will black screen with no fix.<br />
With ONLY DLC CEMU 1.9.1 will start properly with no black screen. Will crash/freeze at any video.<br />
With no DLC/Updates CEMU 1.9.1 will run as expected, with black screen. Fixable by disabling/enabling input.}}
{{testline|version=1.10.0f|OS=Windows 10|region=EU|CPU=Intel Core i5 2500|GPU=AMD Radeon RX 560|user=Eric-of-The-Sun|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Tested with 4 Players in Multiplayer Mode.<br />
Minor slowdowns happen as described in the issues section. I noticed a glitch with the cursor on the stage selection screen in certain circumstances. Often crashes on a black screen when anything gets unlocked after completing a battle (i.e. new character, new trophies). But it doesn't happen every single time, so it's still possible to unlock a new character after very few tries.}}
{{testline|version=1.10.0f|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7 4790k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1070|user=FaserF|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=No need to disable input methods before start! Fixed with Cemu 1.10 . GGame works well, but game is sometimes crashing when you unlock sth. So go and download a save file with everything unlocked!}}
{{testline|version=1.10.0f|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7 7700k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970|user=Terg500|FPS=60|rating=Runs|notes=Game runs smooth at constant 60 FPS, but crashes whenever it feels like it, be it after a game, during a game when 3 players get thrown outside at the same time or just at random. Game crashed 3 times during 15 minutes.}}
{{testline|version=1.10.0f|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i5 6600k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1070|user=Ham|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Game runs smooth at constant 60 FPS, Can Run 8 player no drops in frames.
Will crash during random intervals of extended play or high intense graphic scene like Ridley smashing in. Noticed cursor glitch noted by Eric-of-The-Sun at random intervals.}}
{{testline|version=1.10.0f|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7 4790k|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1080Ti|user=Saiyaken_PHOENIX|FPS=60|rating=Runs|notes=Game overall runs smoothly (after the first loading of shaders where it causes sharp frame drops), 8-man brawl now playable in this update without major crashing, input toggling to start the game is not required anymore. Still a major issue with unlocking or losing to unlockable characters, as the game will softlock, causing it to not be fully playable.  Graphical glitches still present using Nvidia cards.  Gamepad shows a black or green screen, FMVs still show a green screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.10.0f|OS=Windows 7|region=EU|CPU=Intel Core i5 6500|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB|user=jgv97531|FPS=55|rating=Playable|notes=Game runs pretty smooth at constant 55 FPS, but after a mission is completed or failed, the game will most likely end up having a black screen and won't load anymore.}}
{{testline|version=1.10.0f|OS=Windows 10|region=EU|CPU=Intel Core i5 4690K|GPU=Nvidia GTX 960 4GB|user=tumoche|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Almost 60 fps in 4 player mode, it ends in black screen after 5 matches.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=AMD FX-8350|GPU=AMD R9 390|user=Zumbuh|FPS=30-60|rating=Playable|notes=Played 4 player match}}
{{testline|version=1.11.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=i7 7700HQ|GPU=GTX 1050 TI|user=cloud1strife|FPS=20-60|rating=Playable|notes=Intro screen appears distorted, black screen after challenges}}
{{testline|version=1.11.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i5 7600K|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB|user=KZEndless|FPS=20-60|rating=Playable|notes=Crashes after fighting with R.O.B or sometimes getting a "New Character" achievement, and crashes randomly after doing a solo mode challange. I was able to solve the battle of R.O.B by downloading a save with all the characters already achieved, then after a battle in smash mode it no longer crashed but I can notice that the frames change suddenly for no reason.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=i5 6300HQ|GPU=GTX 960M|user=JuanM412|FPS=20-60|rating=Playable|notes=Some characters and stages slow down the game, sometimes freezes in the character selection screen when a match ends. Shadows still need to be fixed. If you get slow FPS, use 1.10.0f}}
{{testline|version=1.11.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=AMD R5 1600|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1080|user=FriedChickenCrap|FPS=30-60|rating=Runs|notes= Launches the game perfectly fine, minor frame drops, however in-game you are only able to move in one direction, this bug doesn't effect the menu.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel i3-6100|GPU=NVIDIA GTX 1050|user=Alpha|FPS=20-60|rating=Playable|notes=Stable frame rate once all characters have been played a couple times to complete their shader cache. Game freezes at the end of a match after 4-6 matches. Audio craps out in 8-player smash still.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.0c|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=AMD FX-8350|GPU=AMD R9 390|user=Zumbuh|FPS=30-60|rating=Playable|notes=Played 4 player match}}
{{testline|version=1.11.1|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel core i5 7300HQ 2.5 Ghz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1050 3GB|user=LagLiniJacob|FPS=60|rating=Runs|notes=Runs a full speed almost 100% of the time with very few bugs/glitches. At the end of some battles the game will freeze, leaving the screen either completely black or sometimes white. I have not been able to determine any patterns but it can occur after any battle, making it nearly impossible to beat classic mode.}}{{testline|version=1.11.2|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel core i5 6300HQ 2.3 Ghz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 960m 4GB|user=JuanM412|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=60 fps most of the time. After playing several matches, character screen selection slows down, but battles are still perfect. Some shadows missing and bugs in Port Town Aero Dive. Single player modes freezes constantly, only battles are playable.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.2|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel core i5-6500 4.0Ghz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB|user=lifegame|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Full 60 fps after some battles, ROB can't be unlocked, many game modes still crash, game gets glitchy in 8-player smash.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.3|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel core i7-4790K 4.6Ghz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1080 ti|user=Blaice|FPS=60|rating=Runs|notes=I would not qualify this game as "playable," as it crashes at the end of most battles (especially solo challenges) and forces you to restart without saving the data—as it has for the past 10-20 or so released builds.... Unfortunately.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.3|OS=Windows 8|region=US|CPU=Intel core i5-4670 3.4Ghz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970 |user=nfsoscar557|FPS=60|rating=Runs|notes=Not playable, does run at 60fps, but a lot of times, the game keeps going down at 20fps for like one or two seconds, which is not very pleasant when you're playing. }}
{{testline|version=1.11.3|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.6/3.5GHz |GPU=AMD Radeon Pro 460 |user=tpnxl|FPS=30-60|rating=Playable|notes=Even with a graphic pack to set the resolution to 2880x1620 (MacBook Pro 15" resolution), the game runs smoothly. It doesn't reach 60 fps all the time, especially in 8-player Smash, but the framerate is stable and there isn't stuttering. With V-sync on the game is perfect because the physics engine is decoupled from the graphics engine, unlike some other consoles (*ahem* 3DS). In case you haven't noticed, this is on a 2016 15" MacBook Pro which I am very impressed about. However all Smashes that don't end with the player ranking screen cause a game freeze. (That really doesn't matter to me.) }}
{{testline|version=1.11.3|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.6/3.5GHz |GPU=AMD Radeon RX 480 @ 1.4GHz |user=tpnxl|FPS=50-60|rating=Playable|notes=This is the same MacBook Pro above, but with an eGPU attached and a graphics pack to set the resolution to 4K (3840x2160) on an external monitor. The framerate is somewhat improved over the MBP itself even with the resolution bump and the game looks great! The game still doesn't reach 60fps all the time, and it still crashes in the before instances. }}
{{testline|version=1.11.4|OS=Windows 10|region=EU|CPU=Intel core i5-4570 3.20Ghz|GPU=GTX 970 4GB|user=kanonopc|FPS=55-59|rating=Playable|notes=Needs run in single core compiler. Works well}}{{testline|version=1.11.4b|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=AMD FX-9370|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1070|user=dsjrb|FPS=50-60|rating=Playable|notes=Single core recompiler required. Little to no graghical issues. Lag when generating cache, reccomend getting a preloaded cache otherwise the game is hard to play at some points.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.4b|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i5-4590|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1060|user=SashaPieceps|FPS=50-60|rating=Playable|notes= Solo play does not work properly. After a battle, the screen turns white and the game does not proceed any further.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.5|OS=Windows 10|region=EU|CPU=Intel core i5-7600K 3.8Ghz|GPU=MSI Nvidia GTX 1070 8Go OC ARMOR|user=Schneitizel S. Sekai|FPS=55-59|rating=Runs|notes=Black screen when ROB is unlocked.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.6|OS=Windows 7|region=EU|CPU=Intel core i5-6500 3.2Ghz|GPU=Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB|user=jgv97531|FPS=55-59|rating=Unplayable|notes=Even though there is only one controller connected, the program acts as if another controller was connected, which is constantly pointing down left. So, in the menu, the selection of the mode is constantly changing. Checked the input settings, there is only one input, the controller (which works fine). I've got video proof. Contact me on if this proof is needed.}}
{{testline|version=1.11.6b|OS=Windows 10 Pro |region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7-6800K 3.6Ghz|GPU=Sapphire Radeon RX580 8GB SE|user=ForeverAlone2009|FPS=55-60|rating=Playable|notes=Almost perfect in local 4 players.}}
{{testline|version=1.12.1b|OS=Windows 7|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i3-6098P @ 3.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM|GPU=Nvidia Geforce GT 710|user=Lunary|FPS=35-60|rating=Playable|notes=I use Cemuhook. Movies/Intro doesn't work even though I have them. FPS depends on stage and game mode. Gameplay is smooth. Most stages run at ~45 FPS, but the framerate is stable and there is no stuttering. The names of the custom stages and Miis is missing.}}
{{testline|version=1.12.1b|OS=Windows 8.1|region=EU|CPU=Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 8 GB RAM|GPU=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti|user=Ticamus|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Intro is at ~55 FPS and sound is very crappy at 8 players Smash}}
{{testline|version=1.12.1b|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i7-7700k @ 4.5 GHz, 32 GB RAM|GPU=Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080|user=Geloman|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Cutscenes are shown as a green screen with the correct sound (corrected with Cemuhook). FPS drops when loading certain effects (fire, purple fire, electricity, etc.) for the first time. Certain objects are rendered out of order on Port Town Aero Dive (the planet in the distance will sometimes appear in front of the fighters). The Gamepad screen does not work.}}
{{testline|version=1.12.2d|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i5-4590 @ 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM|GPU=Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060|user=Calamity1911|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Cutscenes work but sometimes text doesn't show in the alerts and stuff, also there are some frame drops when using attacks with lots of particles or other effects. Slowdown related to attacks only occurs once (as in the first time you use that attack, after you use all of them, it's fine) as if cemu is adding it into the cache. Also attempted using some graphics packs to see if they would fix it, but no changes.}}
{{testline|version=1.13.0f|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel Core i5-6500 @ 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM|GPU=MSI Geforce GTX 1070 8GB|user=lepel|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=The intro movie of the game glitches out but the game plays fine otherwise, with some slowdown during matches.}}
{{testline|version=1.13.0f|OS=Windows 7|region=EUR|CPU=Intel Pentium g4560 @ 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM|GPU=XFX Radeon R7 350 2GB|user=Rexsarus|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Few 3D models gliches and some slowdown during matches but that might be caused by shader cache. Notice that is a REAL low end pc, the gpu is actually a 1gb gpu that was made with 2gb just for some asian countries, idk how it ended up in my country, and im able to play it at 60 fps mostly, drops to 30 in 8 players matches but still playable. (sorry for bad english)}}
{{testline|version=1.13.0f|OS=Windows 8.1 Pro (64 Bit)|region=EU|CPU=Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 8GB RAM|GPU=NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti|user=MCKetias|FPS=40-60|rating=Runs|notes=Using 1440p The Menus are OK with 40-60fps a 2Pl Battle on BattleField(Small) 60fps and a 3Pl Battle Sometimes slows down to 40fps but is often at 60fps. There are some Graphical issues and the sound is a stuttery mess.}}
{{testline|version=1.15.0|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=i5-7600k @ 4.80GHz 16GB RAM|GPU=NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti|user=MrTrololo|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Fights will sometimes pause to render, then continue as normal.  More noticeable on stages with moving backgrounds.  Sound has no issues.}}
{{testline|version=1.15.0e|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=FX-6300 @ 3.93GHz 8GB RAM|GPU=MSI Armor RX 570 4GB|user=Nateflavor|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Models such as Varia suit samus are glitched. Game stutters for roughly 5 seconds when loading in and has frame drops occasionally. More than playable with another friend on 4 or 8 player smash. Severe screen tearing during intro and during gameplay. Running at 1080p.}}
{{testline|version=1.15.1e|OS=Windows 10 Educational|CPU=i5-9600k @ 4.27Ghz|GPU=Intel UHD 630|user=jkcoxson|FPS=45-60|rating=Playable|notes=Runs mostly well, few slowdowns and stutters, but mostly fine. Using default settings except for the triple-core compiler. 16 GB of RAM that runs at 3600Mhz might be helping. }}
{{testline|version=1.15.3|OS=Windows 10 Pro|CPU=AMD Ryzen 5 2400G @ 3.60Ghz|GPU=Sapphire Radeon RX 580|user=pablo5425|FPS=50-60|rating=Playable|notes=Almost completely playable. The game has huge FPS drops when a new model and some animations are loaded, which means FPS drops mostly on using Assist Trophies or Pokémon. Also, cutscenes can't be played - It displays a glitchy screen.}}
{{testline|version=1.19.0|OS=Windows 10|CPU=i7-8700K @ 3.70GHz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti|user=Dark_Mark|FPS=60|rating=Playable|notes=Smash Tour crashes the game and Challenges menu has broken graphics, but otherwise the game runs very well. Minor graphic errors occur at random times when using Vulkan. Cutscenes work great.}}
{{testline|version=1.20.2b|OS=Windows 10|CPU=i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz|GPU=GeForce GTX 960|user=LinkHimura|FPS=60|rating=Perfect|notes=With OpenGL and normal settings, and pre-compiled shaders, the game runs at 60FPS constantly with no slow-downs}}
{{testline|version=1.21.1|OS=Windows 10|CPU=Intel i5 9600k @ 4.88GHz|GPU=AMD RX 580 8GB|user=chrissie|FPS=60|rating=Perfect|notes=From what I could tell this seems to be running as expected.}}
{{testline|version=1.22.6c|OS=Windows 10|region=US|CPU=Intel i7 7700k @ 4.20GHz|GPU=Nvidia GTX 970|user=Terg500|FPS=60|rating=Perfect|notes=Plays perfectly fine with two players and without any crashes at a constant 60 FPS. Only Smash Tour crashes due to missing Mii data but nothing of value is lost there anyway.}}

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