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#REDIRECT [[Template:Video game release]]
{{#if:{{{JP|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:Japan (Release region)|JP]]</sup></small> {{{JP}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Japan (Release region)]]}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{NA|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:North America (Release region)|NA]]</sup></small> {{{NA}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:North America (Release region)]]}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{CA|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:Canada (Release region)|CA]]</sup></small> {{{CA}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Canada (Release region)]]}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{PAL|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:Europe (Release region)|PAL]]</sup></small> {{{PAL}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Europe (Release region)]]<!--This may not be synonymous with EU-->}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{EU|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:Europe (Release region)|EU]]</sup></small> {{{EU}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Europe (Release region)]]}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{AUS|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:Australia (Release region)|AUS]]</sup></small> {{{AUS}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Australia (Release region)]]}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{RU|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:Russia (Release region)|RU]]</sup></small> {{{RU}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Russia (Release region)]]}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{KO|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:Korea (Release region)|KO]]</sup></small> {{{KO}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Korea (Release region)]]}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{SA|}}}|<small><sup>[[:Category:South America (Release region)|SA]]</sup></small> {{{SA}}}{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:South America (Release region)]]}}<br />}}{{
  #if:{{{2|}}}|<small><sup>{{#regex:{{#regex:{{#regex:{{#regex:{{#regex:{{#regex:{{#regex:{{#regex:{{{1|}}}|/NA/|[[:Category:North America (Release region)|NA]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:North America (Release region)]]}}}}|/EU{{!}}PAL/|[[:Category:Europe (Release region)|EU]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Europe (Release region)]]}}}}|/JP/|[[:Category:Japan (Release region)|JP]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Japan (Release region)]]}}}}|/AUS/|[[:Category:Australia (Release region)|AUS]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Australia (Release region)]]}}}}|/RU/|[[:Category:Russia (Release region)|RU]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Russia (Release region)]]}}}}|/(KO{{!}}SK)/|[[:Category:Korea (Release region)|KO]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Korea (Release region)]]}}}}|/SA/|[[:Category:South America (Release region)|SA]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:South America (Release region)]]}}}}|/CA/|[[:Category:Canada (Release region)|CA]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Canada (Release region)]]}}}}</sup></small> {{{2}}}<br />{{#if:{{#regex:{{{1|}}}|/((JP{{!}}NA{{!}}EU{{!}}AUS{{!}}RU{{!}}KO{{!}}SA{{!}}CA)(\/{{!}}$))*/}}||[[Category:Unknown/invalid (Release region)]]}}}}<noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>

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{{#invoke:Message box|ombox}}

This template is used in conjunction with {{Infobox video game}} to summarize release date information for computer or video game articles.


Using named parameters

The following parameters may be specified to display release dates for multiple regions in a single call (however, the order is always defined as below and cannot be changed manually in a single call):

Japanese release dates.
North American release dates.
PAL region release dates.
European release dates, if different from AUS.
United Kingdom release dates, if different from EU.
for Australasian release dates, if different from EU.
Worldwide release dates, for digitally distributed titles available to all regions at once (e.g. Steam).

Regional release dates should be listed in chronological order, which the editor has to use separate calls for if they do not follow the order above.

Alternate syntax

Using two parameters {{Video game release | [[region]] | date }}

Wikilinked region name. For brevity, should be formatted as a piped link, e.g. [[Japan|JP]].
  • It is also possible to combine multiple regions in this parameter, for release dates which are the same between several regions -- e.g. [[Europe|EU]] / [[North America|NA]]
Release date (should not be wikilinked).

Using three parameters (for backwards compatibility) {{Video game release | region | ID | date }}

region | ID
Name and abbreviation for the region (Japan, North America, etc.) to which the release date applies. This is essentially the same format as a piped link, minus the surrounding brackets.
Release date (should not be wikilinked).


'''Super Nintendo Entertainment System'''
{{Video game release|JP=March 11, 1995|NA=August 22, 1995}}
{{Video game release|JP=November 2, 1999|NA=June 29, 2001}}
'''Nintendo DS'''
{{Video game release|NA=November 27, 2008|JP=November 27, 2008|PAL=Early 2009|WW=November 25, 2008}}

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

  • JP: March 11, 1995
  • NA: August 22, 1995


  • JP: November 2, 1999
  • NA: June 29, 2001

Nintendo DS

  • JP: November 27, 2008
  • NA: November 27, 2008
  • PAL: Early 2009
  • WW: November 25, 2008
{{Video game release|JP=December 17, 1988}}
'''PlayStation Portable'''
{{Video game release|JP=June 7, 2007|NA=July 2, 2007|EU=February 8, 2008}}


  • JP: December 17, 1988

PlayStation Portable

  • JP: June 7, 2007
  • NA: July 2, 2007
  • EU: February 8, 2008


See also

  • {{vgrtbl}} – for use in sortable tables.
  • {{vgrtbl-bl}} – for use in sortable tables and with bullets.
  • {{vgrtbl-tx}} – for use in sortable tables, with bullets, and for plain text not dates.
  • {{Video game release new}} – an enhanced version of this template.
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