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You can setting up your Controller in the menu <code>Options</code> -> <code>Input settings</code>. You can add up to eight controllers to the emulator.
This information should now be viewed here:
==Emulated hardware==
===Wii U Gamepad===
[[File:Wii U controller illustration.svg|thumb]]
[[File:Configuring Controllers Wii U Gamepad.png]]

===Wii U Pro Controller===
[[Category: List_of_tutorials]]
[[File:Wii U Pro Controller.JPG|thumb]]
[[File:Configuring Controllers Wii U Pro Controller.png]]
===Wii U Classic Controller===
[[File:Configuring Controllers Wii U Classic Controller.png]]
== Supported input devices ==
=== Keyboard ===
===Xbox 360 Controller (USB)===
[[File:360 controller.svg|thumb|Xbox 360 Controller]]
===Official Wii Controllers===
[[Category:List of tutorials]]

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This information should now be viewed here: