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This information should now be viewed here:
We assume that you already know how to get the game updates in decrypted/extracted format. However, should you need any assistance refer to the [[Getting Started]] guide.

[[Category:Installation]] [[Category: List_of_tutorials]]
"File->Install game update or DLC". Find the meta.xml file of the update or DLC in the meta folder of it.
==Manually on older versions==
''Note that this updating process is '''not''' the same when [[Tutorial:How to install a DLC|installing '''DLC''']]. If you do otherwise, you might override and corrupt your files.''
''Try to avoid using the "alternative" method of overwriting files in the vanilla game folders since you can't revert or recover the original files afterwards, and the game IDs are also overridden.''
Since version 1.7.3, Cemu will load patched game files automatically from <code>mlc01\usr\title\''<titleId_upper8Digits>\<titleId_lower8Digits>''\</code>, all you have to do is to place the updated game files in this folder.  If it doesn't exist, follow the steps below:
===How to create or find the mlc01\usr\title\..\..\ folder===
#Start your game in the emulator and close the emulator.
#Open <code>log.txt</code> in the Cemu folder, look for the line: <br> <code>Mounting local storage (updates): .\mlc01\usr\title\'''00050000\101XXXXX'''\</code>
#Return to your Cemu folder and navigate to <code>mlc01\usr\title</code> and if they don't exist, create the <code>00050000</code> folder and within it, create the <code>101XXXXX</code> folder.
#In the newly created folder <code>..\101XXXXX\</code> you can put the Update Data, which should consist of 3 folders. (Code, Content, Meta.)
=== Example US version of MK8 ===
For example, patching the US version of MK8 you should end up with a folder structure that looks like this:
== See Also ==
[[Tutorial:How to install a DLC]]
[[Category:Installation]][[Category:List of tutorials]]

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