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The Cemu Handbook is an effort to centralize documentation into a coherent handbook. This handbook contains the installation instructions for installation and additional sections for working with Cemu's additional features such as online play, graphics packs,

The Cemu Handbook

Operating systems

Cemu is available for many operating systems. Below you will find a quick summary of the supported operating systems. Most people that do not know the architecture of their PC system are likely interested in Windows.

Viewing the Handbook

The list below gives a high-level overview of the operating systems supported by Cemu. It is important to choose the correct operating system before proceeding with the associated Installation section of a Handbook. Be sure to verify the computer's specifications before moving onward.

Windows Handbook
Windows is the most popular operating system. Versions include: Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
DEB Handbook
DEB-based distributions are Linux distributions that use the .deb file extension and dpkg for package management, usually through a front-end such as apt. Distributions include: Debian, Ubuntu (and its derivatives), and Kali Linux.
Portage Handbook
Gentoo-based distributions are Linux distributions that are based on Gentoo. Distributions include: Gentoo and ChromeOS.
Pacman Handbook
Pacman-based distributions are Linux distributions that use the Pacman package manager. Distributions include: Arch Linux, EndeavourOS, and Manjaro.
RPM Handbook
RPM-based distributions are Linux distributions that use the RPM Package Manager. Distributions include: Fedora, openSUSE, Fedora, Red Hat Linux, and CentOS.

Frequently asked questions

I cannot find macOS information in the Handbook. Where do I look?

Unfortunately macOS is a problematic operating system to work with, especially with OpenGL.

How do I improve the Handbook?

Suggestions, comments, or ideas on how to make the Handbook better can be reported via the Discussion page of the respective article. Documentation is made for the community, so community feedback is well appreciated.

Those who open discussions with the goal of improving the Handbook must be able to accept a "No" as an answer. Typically "No" is used when we believe the current implementation is beneficial for the majority of readers.

In order to properly track open issues we ask you to add the {{Talk}} template to each discussion you open. Something similar to what is seen in the following example will suffice:

Example open discussion
{{Talk|open|date=March 3, 2017}}
I constructively think FOO part of the Handbook can be enhanced in BAR way. Here is an example of the code/text that will make the improvement:
(insert code or text to be improved here.)
Thank you for considering my suggestion. --~~~~

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