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Release 1.5.0

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## 1.5.0 New in public release:

GX2: Fixed the mysterious slowdown problem (the one where running additional programs in the background made CEMU have higher FPS)

## 1.5.0 Patreon release:

general: CEMU now supports -f command line option to launch in fullscreen mode.
general: New controller settings menu and improved controller emulation
AX: Added support for AXSetAuxReturnVolume()
AX: Voice data is now correctly stored in PPC-residing buffers where the data can be edited by applications via the final mix callback
AX: Generally improved timing and handling of callbacks during a single audio frame

coreinit: Adjusted handling of CPU/OS timers for better accuracy
coreinit: Added API SAVERemove()

WPAD: Better implementation for WPADProbe(), WPADControlMotor()
VPAD: New API VPADControlMotor(), VPADStopMotor()

GX2: Added support for BC2_UNORM texture format
GX2: Texture wrap mode on the z axis (R) is now correctly updated
GX2: Added support for BRSTCNT field in copy shader export
GX2: Fixed several issues where vs->gs or gs->ps imports/exports where not correctly recognized when the geometry shader stage is active
GX2: Added support for shader MULLO_UINT instruction
GX2: Added support for linear interpolation for pixel shader imports
GX2: Added support for texture format R4_G4_UNORM
GX2: New API GX2GetSurfaceSwizzle(), GX2SurfaceIsCompressed(), GX2ConvertDepthBufferToTextureSurface()
GX2: Automatic texture swizzle channel correction (Some texture formats on GPU7 handle undefined channels differently than their OpenGL counterparts)
GX2: Added native support for compressed textures (BC1, BC3, BC4 and BC5)
GX2: Correctly handle CB_SHADER_MASK and DB_SHADER_CONTROL register

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