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System RPL Files

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RPL files are code, that can be used by games or Wii U applications.


The correct path to system RPLs inside Wii U is:


You can find other copies of those files in the Wii U but they are just backups or old versions of the system.

You can use ftpiiu_anywhere to dump the files you want from your Wii U. You can follow the online guide but in the end copy the files from the folder above.


Cemu normally emulates the system RPLs in high level. To force cemu to load a system rpl file instead of emulating it, place the file directly in a folder named cafeLibs inside your cemu folder.

Tested files

These below are the files tested and known to work. Other files probably will just lead to games crashing on boot.

filename usage size in bytes cemu version
snd_user.rpl Extended sound effects for Sound driver 1 84,032 1.11.5+
snduser2.rpl Extended sound effects for Sound driver 2 111,360 1.11.5+
nn_sl.rpl Title management for Home Menu, doesn't really do anything 403,904 ?
swkbd.rpl Software keyboard 1,116,288 ?
nsyskbd.rpl Keyboard driver for software keyboard 20,416 ?
  • The sound files can make sound work in Dr. Luigi, and some other games, and N64 VC
  • The keyboard files make name entry work in Pokkén Tournament