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Blue-Collar Astronaut

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Developer(s) Mutated Software
Publisher(s) Mutated Software
Release date(s) NA March 14, 2017
Genre(s) Simulation, Strategy, Arcade
Mode(s) Single-player
Input methods GamePad, Pro Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Wii Remote
Compatibility LoadsLoads
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Blue-Collar Astronaut is a 2D physics-based space flight that meets your student loans. Literally and figuratively explore upwards mobility when Earth-based figures fuse with space-based action. Fly across the cosmos delivering pizza, pulling freight, and paying off your student loans! Blue-Collar Astronaut is the only game out there to bring together physics-based 2D space flight with US-census-based working class life. Hooray!

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Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
2.0-59 Windows 10 USA Intel Core i5-4460 @ 3.20GHz Nvidia GTX 970 BasU 60 Loads Game loads into first level, then cemu.exe crashes. Tested with both, Vulkan and OpenGL graphics API.