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Release 1.11.4

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.11.4
# Patreon release date: 2018-01-30
# Public release date:  2018-02-06

# New in 1.11.4b:

coreinit: Fixed codegen API (OSGetCodegenVirtAddrRange) to be compatible with new RPL loader

rpl: Added support for reloc types 0xFB (REL16 high) and 0xFD (REL16 low)

misc: Minor tweaks in nfp.GetNfpState
misc: Added API nn_acp.ACPIsOverAgeEx, coreinit.MEMCalcHeapSizeForUnitHeap, avm.AVMIsHDCPAvailable, avm.AVMIsHDCPOn

# New in 1.11.4:
general: Cemu will now load shareddata system fonts from mlc01/sys/title/0005001b/10042400/content/ if available
general: Slightly reduced overall memory usage

rpl: Rewrote RPL loader from scratch for better accuracy
     New memory base for modules is 0x02000000
coreinit: Fixed implementation of MCP_FullDeviceList to include disconnected devices
input: Fixed GamePad rumble not working for XInput

nn_nim: Partially implemented NIM API and added IOSU nim module

nn_boss: Fixed memory corruption during BOSS file download

nn_fp: Added API GetMyPrincipalId, GetMyAccountId, GetMyScreenName, GetMyMii, CheckSettingStatusAsync, UpdatePreferenceAsync, InitializeAdmin, IsInitializedAdmin
nn_fp: Added IOSU FPD module

drmapp: Added API NupChkIsFinished()

GX2: Added -nolegacy command line parameter to disable all Intel GPU workarounds
GX2: Updated bilinear and bicubic filter to avoid issues on Intel GPUs
GX2: Fixed rare infinite loop caused by drawcalls that referenced the same texture data more than once with incompatible formats
GX2: Added support for 2D_ARRAY textures in GetTextureResInfo shader instruction
GX2: Fixed _GX2AllocFromDefaultHeap incorrectly using MEMAllocFromDefaultHeap instead of MEMAllocFromDefaultHeapEx

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