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Release 1.12.0

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.12.0d
# Patreon release date: 2018-04-25
# Public release date:  2018-05-02

# New in 1.12.0d:

general: Fixed crash when selecting wiimote as emulated controller

# New in 1.12.0c:

general: Fixed graphic pack custom shaders sometimes not loading

# New in 1.12.0b:

general: Fixed a bug where wiimote input provider was not displayed in input settings

# New in 1.12.0:

general: Improved game list
            Added game icons
            Added ability to quick jump to an entry by typing the first letters
            Added ability to navigate with arrow keys
            Added columns for time played and last time launched
            Added option to create gameprofile (if it doesn't exist)
            Sorting of entries is no longer case-sensitive
            Display a notification while the game list is being refreshed
            Game list no longer refreshes automatically when Cemu is restarted

general: Friend list support
           Covers most friend features that are used by games
           Wii U friend list app also supported and can be used to manage friends
general: Faster loading time of Cemu when many graphic packs are installed
general: Fixed syntax of settings.xml
input: Added native wiimote support (as separate input provider)
CPU/JIT: Added support for branches with a destination outside of the current scope of the recompiled function

zlib(rpl): Added API compressBound

nlibcurl: Fixed various bugs in multi_perform API

nsysnet: Added API gethostbyaddr, NSSLAddServerPKIExternal

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