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Release 1.15.3b

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# New in 1.15.3b:

CPU/JIT: Fixed potential instability and crashes caused by recompiler optimizations
debug: Fixed WUD filesystem dump feature
debug: Frame profiler now displays 9 different stats. From bottom to top:
       gray       -> Idle (waiting for more commands from CPU)
       pink       -> Wait for async (waiting for texture readback, occlusion queries. Explicit or by GX2DrawDone)
       dark red   -> Texture creation, texture upload, texture cache management, sampler settings
       dark green -> Attribute/vertex buffer management, attribute data upload
       blue       -> Shader management, shader compilation, uniform buffer management, uniform data upload
       purple     -> Index cache management, index data upload
       green      -> Render target management, FBO creation, texture creation
       yellow     -> OpenGL glDraw calls
       light gray -> Everything else