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Release 1.15.9c

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.9c
# Patreon release date: 2019-06-14
# Public release date:  2019-06-21

# New in 1.15.9c:

GX2: Fixed a leak in streamout cache

CPU: Better emulation of XER OV/SO bits
     VC DS boots a little further now

# New in 1.15.9b:

GX2: Fixed a bug in streamout cache

# New in 1.15.9:

general: The game list can now be sorted by name, game time and last played (#86)
general: Added favorites to the game list that always are at the top of the list (#86)
         Games can be marked as favorite via the right click menu     

general: Updated look of software keyboard and shader compilation screen

general: Graphic pack tree view will group sub categories together (#85)
         Previously individual packs and sub categories would be mixed together based on alphabetically order

general: Minor UI tweaks

coreinit: Fixed a bug where __ghsLock() would not acquire the processor lock
          Fixes random crashes in Just Dance 2018 and possibly other games

coreinit: Added support for negative alignment to MEMAllocFromBlockHeapEx()
          DS Virtual Console games no longer crash on boot

GX2: Better handling for streamout append operations
     Fixes polygon distortions in Xenoblade Chronicles

GX2: If uniform data maps to streamout cache, then limit uniform size to match available data

GX2: Handle negative inputs for GPU7 shader log2() function
     This change is mainly to avoid vendor-specific bugs due to undefined behavior
     Fixes Nvidia specific graphic bugs in Art Academy and possibly other games

AX: Implemented AXGetMultiVoiceReformatBufferSize()
    With this Axiom Verge no longer crashes on boot. It's not known if other games use this API

vpad: Simulate VPAD internal sample rate for games that spam VPADRead() in a loop
      Improves performance in Art Academy games

H264: Added support for frames that are split into multiple NAL slices
      Required for the intro video in Dont Starve: Giant Edition
H264: Properly handle H264DECEnd() when the decoder session was already ended (#71)
      This fixes a crash in Duck Tales: Remastered

(#xx) refers to bug tracker issues fixed by this change. See