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Release 1.5.1

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Input: Fixed input for controllers with off-center axes
Input: Added axis range scaler (50% to 200%)

H264: Fixed a bug in H264DECMemoryRequirement() that could lead to a crash.

CPU: Added new instructions to recompiler: ps_mr, ps_sel, ps_l/ps_st type 6, stfdx
CPU: Recompiler will now utilize BMI and AVX instruction set to generate faster code (if supported by host CPU)
CPU: Fixed a bug in code generated by recompiler for FSUB & FSUBS where the result would incorrectly become -0.0 instead of 0.0

AX: Added API AXSetVoiceSrcRatio()
AX: Fixed a bug in voice volume update
AX: Increased audio volume
AX: Added logging for audio API

GX2: Fixed wrong colors for certain texture dump formats
GX2: Fixed vertex ordering for special cases when PRIMITIVE_RECTS is used
GX2: New implementation for tiling aperature. Still heavily work-in-progress.

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