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Release 1.5.2

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coreinit: Improved performance of ExpHeap memory library.

AX: Added sndcore2 API AXAcquireVoice, AXAcquireVoiceEx, AXFreeVoice, AXVoiceBegin,
                       AXVoiceEnd, AXSetVoiceVe, AXSetVoiceOffsets, AXSetVoiceType,
                       AXSetVoiceDeviceMix, AXSetVoiceState, AXSetVoiceSrc, AXSetVoiceSrcRatio,
                       AXIsVoiceRunning, AXGetVoiceOffsets

Input: Fixed a bug where mapping any keyboard button would always set the key to "0xFF"
GX2: Added support for cubemap array textures
GX2: Added support for mip-mapping (all texture types)
GX2: Better handling for textures with a width or height that is not a multiple of 4
GX2: Fixed a bug in Tiling Aperature where texture pitch (width) was calculated incorrectly
GX2: New API GX2InitSamplerZMFilter(), GX2InitSamplerLOD(), GX2InitPolygonControlReg(), GX2InitPolygonOffsetReg()
GX2: Improved streamout shader emulation performance
GX2: Implemented support for directly rendering into the scanbuffer
GX2: Texture format R10_G10_B10_A2_SNORM now uses GL RGBA16_SNORM representation (since there is no signed version of RGB10_A2 in OpenGL)
GX2: New debug option 'Overwrite vertex buffer size'.
     With this option enabled, CEMU will calculate the size of vertex attribute data that needs to be uploaded to the GPU instead of relying on the value provided by the game.
     Can boost performance but may also make the vertex cache less efficient.
GX2: Shadercache will automatically delete outdated shaders.

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