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Release 1.6.0

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CPU: Added instructions ADDCO, DIVWUO DIVWO, CRAND and CRANDC to interpreter 	
CPU: Added instructions LFDU, STFDU, BLRL and SLW. to recompiler 	
CPU: Fixed rounding error in FCTIWZ and PSQ_ST recompiler instruction 	
CPU: Improved detection of function end address for recompiler. Added special handling for shared function bodies 	
CPU: Fixed recompiler generating invalid code for conditional branch instructions with link flag set 	
CPU: New option 'emulateSinglePrecision' for game profiles. If enabled, recompiler will round results to single-precision after single-precision instructions. 	

SAVE: Added API SAVEGetStatOtherNormalApplicationVariationAsync() 	

coreinit: New API FSSetPosFileAsync(), FSGetPosFileAsync(), FSIsEof(), FSIsEofAsync(), OSGetAvailPhysAddrRange(), OSAllocVirtAddr(), OSMapMemory(), OSUnmapMemory(), MEMAdjustExpHeap(), MEMFreeToBlockHeap() 	
coreinit: Implemented MPQueue API 	
coreinit: Improved implementation of OSGetMemBound() 	
coreinit: Fixed OSSleepTicks using wrong timer source 	
coreinit: Fixed return value of OSWaitSemaphore() when thread does not return immediately 	
coreinit: Improved handling of thread joining and detached state 	

VPAD: Improved implementation of VPADGetTPCalibratedPointEx() 	

AX: New API AXSetVoiceLoopOffset(), AXSetVoiceEndOffset(), AXSetVoiceSamplesAddr() 	
AX: Fixed handling of upsample stage when used before final mix callback 	

DMAE: New API DMAESemaphore() 	

GX2: New texture cache implementation 	
GX2: Improved coalescing of textures of different formats with overlapping memory ranges 	
GX2: Fixed a bug that caused the wrong texture to be used in a draw call right after a new texture was created 	
GX2: Fixed a bug where any stencil clear operation would be ignored 	
GX2: Added handling for SRGB when the surface is also accessed as non-SRGB 	
GX2: Fixed a special case in vertex/geometry shader where imports would be optimized away if the only way to access them was via indexed gpr access 	
GX2: Added support for tilemode 32 in GX2CalcSurfaceSizeAndAlignment() 	
GX2: Added support for compressed texture formats to tiling aperature 	
GX2: GX2CopySurface() can now properly handle mip levels 	
GX2: Implemented GX2CopySurfaceEx(), GX2ResolveAAColorBuffer() and GX2RDestroySurfaceEx() 	
GX2: Implemented MIN_INT and SETNE shader instructions 	
GX2: Fixed a bug in R16_UNORM texture format decoder 	
GX2: Added proper support for mip levels to tiling aperature 	
GX2: Corrected handling of 8 bit formats in tiling aperature

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