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Release 1.6.1

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New universal GPU buffer cache (replaces vertex cache)   
NFC support    
Small graphic improvements    
Minor changes and bugfixes    
General: Fixed a bug where files would be created in/loaded from the wrong directory after the load file dialog.
NFP: Added initial NFC support. Scanning NFC tags works by loading a file via the menu
GX2: New universal cache implementation for attribute, uniform and index data. Additionally, there is now a cache accuracy option to control the level of accuracy vs performance. Can be changed while a game is already running. The previously added cache control options were removed as they have become obsolete 
GX2: Further improved and optimized handling of textures with overlapping memory regions  
GX2: Optimized detection of changes to texture data   
GX2: Adjusted the idle loop of the GPU7 command processor thread to respond quicker to new data    
GX2: Fixed a crash that could occur if GL shaders failed to compile  
GX2: Moved handling of alpha test into shader code (rather than relying on OpenGL's deprecated hw alpha test)  
GX2: Fixed a bug where the swizzle value of a texture would not be correctly updated when an already cached texture was reloaded

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