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Release 1.6.2

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Changelog 1.6.2


# CEMU 1.6.2c

CPU: Fixed a bug in recompiler PSQ_STU instruction

# CEMU 1.6.2 + 1.6.2b

CPU: Fixed a rare crash bug that could occur when the recompiler attempted to analyze certain functions
CPU: Improved detection of function entry points for recompiler
CPU: Added instructions LBZUX, SRW., PSQ_LU, PSQ_STU and PS_DIV to recompiler
CPU: Adjusted recompiler PS_MERGE10 instruction to generate faster code

FS: Various optimizations to FSA thread, resulting in quicker processing of file operations
FS: If available, AES-NI is now used for filesystem decryption

AX: Added API AXAcquireMultiVoice()

NFP: Deactivate event will now be correctly signaled

GX2: Added support for Streamout emulation via OpenGL's Transform Feedback
GX2: Slightly reduced the number of shaders that need to be compiled (by optimizing away render states that previously affected the generated shader code)
GX2: Improved handling of bottom of pipe event
GX2: Added API GX2DrawIndexedImmediateEx()
GX2: Fixed a bug in the buffer cache that could cause out-of-bounds allocations which would result in CEMU crashing
GX2: Fixed a bug where textures would be immediately reloaded from RAM after being updated by a GPU-side operation

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