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Release 1.17.0d

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.17.0e
# Patreon release date: 2020-01-17
# Public release date:  2020-01-24

# New in 1.17.0e:

vulkan: Fixed a crash that could occur due to Cemu missing pipeline updates in rare circumstances
vulkan: Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to synchronize data between depth textures with different aspect masks (e.g. D32_FLOAT and D24_I8)

# New in 1.17.0d:

general: Further improvements to patch parsing (better error handling, new minor features)
general: Patches can now be unloaded & loaded again while a game is running
general: Various internal tweaks (optimized settings.xml format, fixed cache file name in log.txt)

# New in 1.17.0c:

vulkan: Use vkCmdSetDepthBias instead of fixed state to reduce the number of Vulkan objects (fixes 'Failed to allocate descriptor sets' error)
vulkan: Fixed a bug where texture memory would never be deallocated

# New in 1.17.0b:

general: Fixed a bug where Cemu would not remember previously enabled graphic packs if they don't have any presets
general: Improved error handling for graphic pack patches and added more descriptive error messages

# New in 1.17.0:

general: Added new graphic pack features
         Version 5 adds new UI features:
         - Support for multiple preset categories per pack (aka multiple dropdowns) (#225)
         - Preset categories can be shown/hidden based on preset selections (via condition expressions) which allows to fit even more options into a single pack
         - Force line breaks in the description field with |
         To accommodate these changes the internal handling of preset variables has been updated:
         - Added a [Default] category for defining preset variables and their initial values
         - The default value of a variable will be used if no preset overwrites it
         - If multiple presets set a variable then the visible preset categories will be prioritized over the non-visible ones
         All of these features are optional and Cemu 1.17.0 remains fully backwards compatible with v3 and v4 packs

general: Added native support for Cemuhook patches.txt
         Cemu will only load patches.txt if Cemuhook is not present. Otherwise Cemuhook will take over patching
         A huge shoutout to Rajkosto for originally adding patch support to graphic packs and for designing the format!

general: We also saw that larger patches might benefit from some extra functionality. Therefore we added our own flavor of a patch format
         It introduces several new concepts:
         - Automatic codecave sizing
         - Optional write cursor instead of having to preface every instruction with an address 
         - Labels and variables
         - Can be split into multiple files and patch groups
         A wiki article with format explanations and examples can be found here:

We also created a demonstration gfx pack to showcase the new features. Available here:

general: Fixed a crash if the meta information of a game was missing
general: If Cemu is started for the first time and no graphic packs are installed, it will recommend downloading them to the user

general: Gamelist fixes
         - Fixed that custom game titles would reset when switching display modes (#254)
         - Fixed an exception that could occur when installing update/dlc while having the icon mode active
         - Icon modes also use the custom titles of games now

general: Added drag & drop support for game files and NFC files (dragging the file into the Cemu window will launch/scan it) (#256)
general: The automatic updater can now handle a renamed Cemu.exe and will also preserve the custom name after the update

vulkan: Fixed a softlock that occurred when failing to compile a shader from the cache
vulkan: Fixed a bug where textures larger than 128MB would cause a crash (could happen with high-resolution shadow graphic packs)
vulkan: If VRAM is full and the device supports it, fallback to RAM for texture memory allocation
vulkan: General robustness improvements in the memory allocator

input: Due to issues with bad drivers libusb, which is needed for GameCube controllers, is now only loaded when the API is actually selected

(#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See

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