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==The menu==
This information should now be viewed here:
{| class="wikitable"
|rowspan="3"|File <!--First column-->
|[[Getting Started#Using dumped games|Load a game]]
|Install game update or DLC
|Install update data or DLC by select the meta.xml file.
|Exit the CEMU Emulator
|rowspan="10"|Options <!--First column-->
|Enable the Fullscreen mode of the emulator. Can be closed with <code>ESC</code>
|Enable VSync
| The vertical refresh rate does not exceed your monitor refresh rate.
|Graphic packs
| Allows to enable and disable [[Tutorial:Graphic pack|Graphic packs]] and check their status
|Upscale Filter
|Options: <code>Bilinear</code> and <code>Bicubic</code>.
|Fullscreen filter
|Options: <code>Keep aspect ratio</code> and <code>Stretch</code>.
|GPU buffer cache accuracy
|Options: <code>High (slow)</code>, <code>Medium</code> and <code>Low (fast)</code>
|Audio settings
| Set audio volume
|Input settings
|Set emulated controller. More info [[Tutorial:Configuring Controllers|here]]
|Console region
|Set the emulated console region. Recommended:<code>Auto</code> Possible regions are (<code>USA</code>, <code>Europe</code>, <code>Japan</code>, <code>China</code>, <code>Korea</code>, <code>Taiwan</code>)
|Console language
|Set console language. Supported languages are <code>English</code>, <code>Japanese</code>, <code>French</code>, <code>German</code>, <code>Italian</code>, <code>Spanish</code>, <code>Chinese</code>, <code>Korean</code>, <code>Dutch</code>, <code>Portuguese</code>, <code>Russian</code> and <code>Taiwanese</code>.
|rowspan="1"|Tools <!--First column-->
|Memory Searcher
|A tool to modify values in the memory cache.
|rowspan="2"|CPU <!--First column-->
|Options:<code>Single core interpreter</code> and <code>Single core recompiler (fast)</code>
|Options:<code>Cycle based timer</code> and <code>Host based timer (recommended)</code>
|rowspan="1"|NFC <!--First column-->
|Scan NFC tag from file
|After you load a game you can scan the NFC tag from a <code>*.bin</code>, <code>*.dat</code> or <code>*.nfc</code> file.
|rowspan="7"|Debug <!--First column-->
|Enables development logging. Chooseable: <code>Unsupported API calls</code>, <code>File access</code>, <code>Threat synchronization API</code>, <code>GX2 API</code>, <code>Audio API</code> and <code>Input API</code> events. Will be exported to <code>log.txt</code> in the Cemu folder.
|You can choose <code>Textures</code> and <code>Shaders</code>. Make sure to delete the contents of <code>shaderCache/</code> first as Cemu will not dump shaders that are already cached.
|Render upside-down
|Set the render mode upside-down (flipping the screen).
|Disable audio
| -
|Enable BotW crash workaround.
| -
|Full sync at GX2DrawDone()
| -
|View PPC threads
|Watch thread activity in CPU multi-core mode.
|rowspan="1"|Help <!--First column-->
|Version info, authors and Patreon supporters.

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This information should now be viewed here: