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There are five levels of compatibility that each game is rated by:

Rating Icon Description
Perfect Smiley-Perfect.png Games rated this are games that have no discernible issues. No graphical or audio glitches, no crashes, no bugs that didn't exist in the original game. Quite simply, they run perfectly.
Playable Smiley-Playable.png Games in this category are playable to the end of the game. Can have some minor graphical or audio glitches or issues, but these do not greatly affect playability or prevent game completion.
Runs Smiley-Runs.png Games in this category can get in-game and usually run very well, but major graphical or audio glitches or game-breaking bugs make it difficult to continue playing or finish the game.
Loads Smiley-Loads.png Games in this category manage to load at least a screen before crashing, or can get through the in-game menus before crashing, or sometimes in-game before crashing, but they generally crash CEMU at some point.
Unplayable Smiley-Unplayable.png Games in this category do not load in CEMU. Either they crash immediately following the first load attempt, or they display a black screen until you close CEMU.
Unknown Games with an unknown status.


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