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Release date(s) JP December 25, 2013
NA August 14, 2014
PAL July 17, 2014
Input methods Gamepad
Compatibility PlayablePlayable
GameIDs Missing IDs
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Take to the skies and protect Earth from a previously unknown threat in this fast-paced shooter!

In this scrolling shooter, take control of a hi-tech gunship and blast your way through six different stages to protect Earth from an invading menace.

Your ship is armed with standard guns, as well as a powerful homing laser. Your guns can fire bullets directly ahead, damaging any enemies they collide with. By using your homing laser, you can lock on to up to four enemies at a time. When a green target appears, fire the laser and it will pursue the targeted enemies and bring them down!

Connect to Miiverse to interact with other players. On completing a stage, a Miiverse posting form will be displayed, allowing you to post your comments for others to see. Your play data will also be contained in any post you make.

When the viewing of Miiverse content is enabled, other users' data will also be displayed in game. You can see their scores and where they were defeated. Try to beat them all and be the very best!

This title was developed using enchant.js and NWF (Nintendo Web Framework)

Known Issues


The game is meant to be played with the GamePad held vertically. Select the on screen button (below the settings option) to rotate the controls to horizontal.

Gameplay Vidoes

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Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
1.15.10 Windows 10 EUR Intel Core i7-3770k Nvidia GTX 1060 6Gb Slade1972 60 Playable Game runs well - refer to Configuration for control comments. No graphic glitches noted. Audio sounds odd - however I have not played the game on a real console. Stable at 60FPS. CPU Mode Single Core Recompiler (fast)
Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes
Version OS Version Region CPU GPU Tester FPS Status Additional Notes