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Multicore Recompiler

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Cemu's Multicore Recompiler was introduced in Cemu 1.11.3 and is a few options of Cemu's CPU Mode setting, a CPU setting that tells Cemu how many phisical CPU cores/threads to use while emulating the three Wii U CPU cores, the default and currently the most stable setting for this option is Singlecore-Recompiler

Feel free to add or edit games on these lists as games status changes and cemu grows.


There are four diffrent modes you can choose from.

  • SingleCore-Interpreter: This setting emulates one of the Wii U's 3 CPU cores while being very accurate. Because of this it is very slow and should only be used for debuging and testing reasons.
  • SingleCore-Recompiler: This setting also emulates only one of the Wii U's 3 CPU cores. It is less accurate but is much faster and still stable. It is cemus default option and some games need this to not crash at some points or even boot.
  • DualCore-Recompiler: This setting emulates 2 of the Wii U's 3 CPU cores. By doing this it is currently less accurate as the feature is still experimental, however it is also signifigantly faster then Singlecore-Recompiler in some games. It can cause issues in some games such as not booting, or crashing at some points. You need a 4 core/thread CPU in order to run this option without performance loss.
  • TripleCore-Recompiler: This setting emulates all 3 of the Wii U's CPU cores. It is the fastest of the options but also the most unstable, it has the same proporties as Dualcore-Recompiler however you will need a 6 core/thread CPU to run this option without performance loss.

CPU Usage Precentage

This chart shows the aproximate CPU usage precentage you will see while runing any given CPU mode.

  • This is the precent CEMU will use, this does not include any backround task or OS usage, expect these to very up or down about 25% depending on game or game area.
CPU Mode Dualcore/ 4 threads Quadcore/ 8 threads Hexcore/ 12 Threads Octacore/ 16 threads
SingleCore-Interpreter    100%    /      75%       75%      /      37%       50%      /      25%       37%      /      18%
SingleCore-Recompiler    100%    /      75%       75%      /      37%       50%      /      25%       37%      /      18%
DualCore-Recompiler       X       /      100%     100%      /     50%       75%      /      33%       50%      /      25%
TripleCore-Recompiler       X      /         X        X        /       62%       83%     /      41%       62%      /      31%
  • X = Not compatable/Do not use

MultiCore Compatable games

These are games that have been tested to work with Dualcore and Triplecore-Recompler settings and not crash or have any known issues, they are in no particular order.

Game Name Performance gain
Zelda: Breath of the wild Great
Splatoon None*
NES Remix 1 & NES Remix 2 Some*
Minecraft Some*
Zelda: Wind Waker HD None
Bayonetta 2 More Stable*
Darksiders Warmastered Edition Great
Darksiders 2 Great
Octodad: Dadliest Catch Great
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! Great
007 Legends Great
Star Fox Zero Great
  • *Needs more testing

Games with Issues

These games boot and run with Multicore Recompiler, but have issues such as glithes, graphical issues, or crashes.

Game Name Performance Gain Issue
Hyrule Warriors Great* Crashes after the end of any mission
Mario Kart 8 Some* Crashes after the end of any race
  • *Needs more testing