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Folder structure

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To minimize issues with the game list and to avoid running into incompatibility issues with future Cemu releases follow the recommended folder structure as outlined in this guide.

game directory

Configured under Options -> General settings -> Game paths

Game folders are used by Cemu to populate the game list. Make sure your game path folders only contain the base games. Do not put update or DLC folders in there.

Recommended: Create a dedicated folder for it that you keep separate from your Cemu installation. Example: D:\wiiu\games\

mlc01 directory

Configured under Options -> General settings -> MLC path

mlc01 is the root directory of the emulated Wii U main storage. Aside from system files, it stores save games and installed updates or DLCs. Under normal circumstances you will never have to manually touch any game files inside the mlc01 folder. If you are reading a guide that tells you to copy update or dlc files into your mlc01 folder, then that guide is outdated. Always use the UI option in Cemu to install updates or DLCs. (File -> Install game update or DLC)

Recommended: Create a dedicated folder for it that you keep separate from your Cemu installation and outside of any game folders. Example: D:\wiiu\mlc01\

FAQ - The game list shows a title with a red background

Starting with Cemu 1.17.3 the game list will highlight titles in red if:

  • There are inconsistencies in the game files
  • or the game folders contain an update for the game but no base game was found

If you made sure that your folder configuration is setup correctly and titles still appear in red then it means that your base game has been doctored with. Especially during the early days of Wii U homebrewing dumping tools would omit some of the files and guides recommended sourcing them from updates instead. This makes it impossible for Cemu to distinguish between updates and base games.

Following any of the current dumping guides linked on Getting Started will always result in accurate game dumps.