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Game ID

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Nintendo console titles are identified by a 6 character identifier known as a GameID. There are 4 significant subsets in each GameID:

Subset # Offset Meaning
1 X_____ #System Code (1 character) – Identifies the system the title is for.
2 _XX___ Title Code (2 characters) – Identifies the title.
3 ___X__ #Region Code (1 character) – Identifies the region the title is released in.
4 ____XX #Publisher Code (2 characters) – Identifies the publisher.

Those without publisher codes either are Virtual Console titles, or are self-published via the Wii U Store. Note: this listing may be inaccurate. Verification sources are required (aside from Dolphin's GameIDs page, which this is almost an exact copy of).

System Code

Code System
A Wii U
C Commodore 64
D GameCube re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest, as well as some GameCube Multi-Game Demo Disks.
E Arcade or Neo Geo
G GameCube
H Wii Channels
J Super Nintendo
L Sega Master System
M Sega Genesis
N Nintendo 64
P TurboGrafx-16 and promotional GameCube
Q TurboGrafx-16 and TurboGrafx-16 CD
R Older Wii
S Newer Wii
W WiiWare
X MSX or WiiWare - Demos

Region Code

Code Region
A System Wii Channels (i.e. Mii Channel)
B WiiWare / Virtual Console titles
D Germany (only if separate version)
F France (only if separate version)
I Italian (only if separate version)
J Japan
K Korea
L Japanese Import to Europe, Australia and other PAL regions
M American Import to Europe, Australia and other PAL regions
N Japanese Import to USA and other NTSC region
P Europe and other PAL regions such as Australia
R Russian (only if separate version)
S Spanish (only if separate version)
U WiiWare / Virtual Console titles
W Taiwanese
X WiiWare / Virtual Console titles
Z Scandinavia (only if separate version)

Publisher Code

There may be regional variations (e.g. Electronic Arts is 69 in EU/NA, but sometimes 13 in JP).

Code Publisher
01 Nintendo and NES, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 Virtual Console titles
02 Nintendo – Only used by Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
06 Falcom
08 Capcom
0A Jaleco Entertainment
0Q IE Institute
13 Electronic ArtsJP, EA SportsJP
18 Hudson Entertainment and TurboGrafx-16 CD and TurboGrafx-16 Virtual Console titles
1K Titus SoftwareJP
20 DSI Games, ZOO Digital Publishing
28 Kemco
2K NEC Interchannel
2L Agatsuma Entertainment
2M Jorudan
2N Rocket Company
2Q MediaKite
36 Codemasters
41 Ubisoft
4F Eidos Interactive
4Q Disney Interactive Studios
4Z Crave Entertainment, Red Wagon Games
51 Acclaim Entertainment
52 Activision, Activision Value, RedOctane
54 2K Games (Rockstar Games, 2K Play formerly Global Star Software)
5D Midway Games
5G Majesco Entertainment
5H 3DO (filed for bankruptcy then given to Global Star Software)
5L NewKidCo
5S Xicat Interactive, (more?)
5Z Conspiracy Entertainment
60 Titus Software
64 LucasArts
68 ZeniMax Media (Bethesda Softworks, Mud Duck Productions, Vir2L Studios)
69 Electronic Arts, EA Sports, MTV Games
6K UFO Interactive Games
6L BAM! Entertainment
6M Studio 3
6N Midas Interactive Entertainment
6S TDK Mediactive
6U The Adventure Company
6V JoWooD Entertainment
6W Sega
6X Wanadoo Edition
6Z ITE Media
70 Atari
71 Interplay Entertainment
75 SCi
78 THQ (Play THQ)
7D Sierra Entertainment, subsidiary of Vivendi Games formerly Universal Interactive Studios
7F Kemco
7G Rage Software
7H Encore Software
7J Zushi Games formerly ZOO Digital PublishingPAL
7K Kiddinx Entertainment
7L Simon & Schuster Interactive
7N Empire Interactive
7S Rockstar Games
7T Scholastic
7U Ignition Entertainment
82 Namco (following a merger with Bandai Games into Namco Bandai Games)
8M CyberFront
8N Success
8P Sega and Sega Genesis and Sega Master System Virtual Console titles
91 Chunsoft
99 Marvelous EntertainmentJP (Victor Entertainment, Pack-In-Video), Rising Star GamesEU
9B Tecmo
9G Take-Two Interactive (2K Games subsidiaries, Gotham Games)
A4 Konami
A7 Takara (following a merger into Takara Tomy)
AF Namco Bandai Games
B0 Acclaim EntertainmentJP
B2 Bandai Games (following a merger with Namco into Namco Bandai Games)
BB Gaijinworks
BN Sunrise Interactive
BP Global A Entertainment
C0 Taito
C8 Koei
CM Konami aka Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka
CQ From Software
D9 Banpresto
DA Takara Tomy
DQ Compile Heart
E5 Epoch
E7 Athena
E8 Asmik Ace Entertainment
E9 Natsume
EB Atlus
EL Spike
EM Konami aka Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
EP Sting Entertainment
ES Starfish SD
EY Vblank Entertainment
FH Easy Interactive
FJ Virtual Toys
FK The Game FactoryPAL
FP Mastiff
FR DTP Entertainment
FS XS Games
G0 Alpha Unit
G2 Yuke's
G9 D3 Publisher
GD Square Enix
GE Kids Station
GG O3 Entertainment
GJ Detn8
GL Gameloft (Ubisoft)
GM Gamecock Media Group
GN Oxygen Games
GT 505 Games
GY The Game Factory
GX Commodore (Commodore 64 Virtual Console titles)
H3 Zen United
H4 SNK Playmore
HA Dorasu (NobilisJP?)
HF Level-5
HG Graffiti Entertainment
HH Focus Home Interactive
HJ Genius Products
HL Frontier Developments
HN High Voltage Software
HS Tru Blu
HU Ghostfire Games
HW Incredible Technologies
HY Reef Entertainment
HZ Nordcurrent
J8 D4 Enterprise and Neo Geo/MSX Virtual Console titles
J9 AQ Interactive
JF Arc System Works
JH City Interactive
JJ Deep Silver
JR Engine Software
JS Digital Leisure
JT Empty Clip Studios
JW BigBen Interactive
JX Shin'en Multimedia
JZ 505 Games
K6 Nihon System
KB NIS America
KJ Studio Zan
KL Abylight
KM Deep SilverPAL
KP Purple Hills
KQ Over the Top Games
KW Semnat Studios
LG Black Bean Games
LJ Legendo Entertainment
LT Legacy Interactive
LY Icon Games
MD Ateam
MJ Mumbo Jumbo
ML DTP Young Entertainment
MR Mindscape
MS Milestone, UFO Interactive Games (?)
MT Blast! Entertainment
MV Marvelous Entertainment
MZ Mad Catz
N9 Tera Box
NG Nordic Games
NH Gevo Entertainment
NJ Enjoy Gaming
NK Neko Entertainment
NP Nobilis
NQ Namco Bandai Games
NR Bold Games, Destineer Games
NS NIS America
NV Nicalis
NW Deep Fried Entertainment
PH Playful Entertainment
PK Knowledge Adventure
PL Playlogic Entertainment
PQ PopCap Games
PZ GameMill Publishing
QC Kadokawa Shoten (Enterbrain)
QH Virtual Play Games
QX Press Play
RG Ronimo Games
RM Rondomedia
RN Mastiff / N3V Games
RS Brash Entertainment
RT RTL Enterprises
RV bitComposer Games
RW RealArcade
RZ Akaoni Studio
S5 SouthPeak Games
SJ Cosmonaut Games
SP Blade Interactive Studios
SV 7G//AMES aka SevenOne Intermedia
SZ Storm City Games
TL Telltale Games
TR Tetris Online
TV Tivola
TW Two Tribes
UG Data Design Interactive (Popcorn Arcade formerly Metro 3D)
UJ Ghostlight
UP EnjoyUp Games
UU Onteca
UW Coresoft
VN Valcon Games
VP Virgin Play
VT Microforum Games
VS Korner Entertainment
VZ Little Orbit
WG 2D Boy
WJ Studio Walljump
WR Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
WY WayForward Technologies
X3 CK Games
XG XGen Studios
XK Exkee
XM DreamBox Games
XS Aksys Games
XT Funbox Media
XV Keystone Game Studio
Y1 Tubby Games
YG Maximum Family Games
YT Valcon GamesPAL
YY FDG Entertainment
Z4 Ntreev Soft
ZA WBA Interactive
ZG Zallag
ZS Zinkia Entertainment
ZW Judo Baby
ZX TopWare Interactive