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Graphic packs installation and usage

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How to install graphic packs


Cemu->Options->Graphic Packs->click on "Download latest community graphic packs"


If you want to install a pack manually place them in the "graphicPacks" folder, not "downloadedGraphicPacks"

How to enable graphic packs

  1. Open the Cemu emulator
  2. GOTO Options -> Graphic packs
  3. Tick the box next to the graphics packs you want to enable (NOTE: Game IDs are defined in graphics packs so they are only used when a specific game is run, so you can leave all of the graphics packs on for your various games without fear of conflict.)
  4. Launch a game or restart Cemu

How to check if a graphic pack is active

  1. Open the Cemu emulator
  2. Start your game
  3. GOTO Options -> Graphic packs
  4. Green color on the pack name indicates it's enabled

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