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Release 1.12.1

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.12.1
# Patreon release date: 2018-05-25
# Public release date:  2018-06-01

# New in 1.12.1b:

general: Fixed section labels for game profiles created via the game list context menu
general: Added UI option to disable precompiled shader cache
general: Added game profile option to disable precompiled shader cache (see example.ini for details)

# New in 1.12.1:

general: Upgraded Cemu to VS2017 and also updated the following libraries:
         wxWidgets (3.1.1)
         libcurl (7.59.0)
         openssl (1.1.0h)
         zlib (1.2.11)

general: Fixed settings.xml getting corrupted when multiple instances of Cemu were running
general: Game list now loads the game icons asynchronously to improve Cemu startup time
general: Load graphic pack shader files asynchronously to improve Cemu startup time
general: Added fallback font in case no other shared data fonts are found (prevents some games from crashing)
general: Generally improved AES128 implementation. AES-NI is used where possible (if supported by CPU) and the fallback software-AES implementation is now much faster
general: If NEX or independent token API request returns with an error message, print it to log.txt
general: Updated game profiles

HID: Added preliminary USB/HID support
     In order for a device to be detected, plug it into your PC before you start Cemu. No extra configuration necessary
     Tested USB peripherals:
     Skylanders Traptanium Portal confirmed to work, other similar 'Portal' devices still need testing
     GCN controller adapter (in Wii U mode) not yet working

input: Fixed some XInput issues for Steam Big Picture controllers (if you are having trouble configuring a controller, launch a game in Cemu first)
input: Various improvements to native wiimote support

nn_idbe: Implemented API DownloadIconFile() and DecryptIconFile()

snd_core: Fixed loop counter for PCM16 voices
snd_core: Fixed AXGetDeviceMode()
snd_core: Fixed AXSetVoiceSrcRatio (now clamps ratio value correctly between 0.0 and 8.0)

GX2: Implemented GX2SetPointSize and GPU7 support for point width
GX2: Added API GX2SetComputeSampler, GX2SetComputeTexture, GX2SetComputeShader, GX2DispatchCompute
GX2: Shaders using SSBOs no longer fail to compile
GX2: Texture cache will now drop unused textures after 50 minutes even if the texture data is potentially not restorable

RPL: Fixed a bug in RPL loader where import mapping would exit early if an invalid (nameless) import was found

coreinit: Zero-sized file reads no longer return an error
coreinit: Optimized thread context switching to be slightly faster

nn_fp: Fixed a bug in AsyncLogin callback

nn_boss: Fixed a crash that occurred when a game tried to access non-existent BOSS files

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