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Release 1.13.1

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.13.1
# Patreon release date: 2018-08-28
# Public release date:  2018-09-04

# New in 1.13.1d:

general: fullscreen can only be toggled while a game is loaded
general: updated translation files

input: fixed wiimote nunchuck acceleration values

# New in 1.13.1c:

AX: Fixed the timeout handling in the audio update loop
AX: Fixed a crash when xaudio was selected in the config, but couldn't be loaded

# New in 1.13.1b:

AX: Improved handling of a high delay between two update calls
AX: Improved DirectSound output with the new audio timing

input: fixed wiimote acceleration change (swing movement)
input: fixed wiimote rumble support

# New in 1.13.1:

general: Fixed some text not being looked up in the translation files
general: Fixed bugs in graphic pack window

audio: Added XAudio2 support as an alternative to DirectSound (API can be selected in options)

AX: Improved accuracy of audio timing
AX: Fixed wrong buffer offsets in AX FinalMix callback

input: Improved deadzone and axis range handling
input: Better handling of keyboard and controller default states (e.g. detecting and filtering special keys that are always reported as pressed)
input: Decreased default deadzone to 10%

coreinit: Improved accuracy of locked cache API (fixes a crash in Bayonetta 2)
coreinit: Fixed a rare softlock that could occur in ioctl API

padscore: Fixed handling of acceleration values for the wiimotes

vpad: Improved handling of stick to virtual directional button translation

nex: Fixed a crash that could occur when losing the connection to the friend server

debug: Improved the PPC thread viewer window
       - added an option to automatically refresh the view
       - suspended threads can now be resumed again

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