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Release 1.15.0

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.0
# Patreon release date: 2018-11-28
# Public release date:  2018-12-05

# New in 1.15.0e:

input: Fixed gamepad show screen and mic button

# New in 1.15.0d:

gfxPacks: Added support for overwriting aoc mounted files (put files relative to <graphicPackFolder>/aoc/)

# New in 1.15.0c:

general: Added top center and bottom center alignment for overlay
gfxPacks: Fixed bug in expression parser

# New in 1.15.0b:

gfxPacks: Fixed error in internal path for content folder

# New in 1.15.0:

general: Added PowerPC debugger
         Supported features so far:
         - Disassembly and memory view
         - Breakpoints and stepping
         - Memory breakpoints
         - Support for live patching of PPC instructions
         - Partial support for symbols (Cafe OS functions are named)
         - Expression support

general: Added configurable graphical overlay for displaying stats
	 Current available stats include:
         - FPS
         - Cemu CPU usage
         - Total CPU usage per core (global)
         - Memory usage
         - Drawcalls per frame

general: Minor changes to logging
general: Added debug option to dump Wii U RAM to files

PPC/JIT: Improved support for code invalidation

input: Added a low battery warning for XInput wireless controllers (Win8+ required)
input: Overhauled deadzone and axis range calculation
input: Added button threshold setting (applies if an axis is mapped to a button)

gfxPacks: Added support for file replacement via graphic packs
gfxPacks: Variables of type double are now always inserted into the shader code as a valid GLSL double

snd_core: Added API AIGetDSPSampleRate and AICheckInit

nn_acp: Fixed ACPGetNetworkTime incorrectly returning a 32bit timestamp instead of 64bit
nn_nim: Added API GetECommerceInfrastructureCountry, MakeTitlePackageTaskConfigAutoUsingBgInstallPolicy and CalculateTitleInstallSize

GX2: Added support for texture format R32_G32_UINT

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