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Release 1.15.11

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# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.15.11c
# Patreon release date: 2019-07-26
# Public release date:  2019-08-02

# New in 1.15.11c:

GX2: Fixed emulation of gl_PointSize when geometry shaders are used

# New in 1.15.11b:

general: Fixed a bug where DLC would be installed into the wrong location
GX2: Fixed broken transform feedback on OpenGL (#157, #159)

# New in 1.15.11:

general: Better update/dlc handling
         Updated mlc01 folder locations for updates and dlc to match those of an actual Wii U
         Newly installed updates and dlc will be stored at the new locations, while previously installed ones are still detected properly
         Improved detection of type of content (affects installation and gamelist)
         Installing updates/dlc will now backup previously installed content and restore it on failure/cancelation

debugger: Implemented more instructions for assembler and disassembler
debugger: Assembler now supports basic expressions in place of constants
debugger: Fixed a crash when stepping into imports
coreinit: Fixed OSUninterruptibleSpinLock_Acquire() not restoring interrupts before switching to the scheduler

nn_erreula: Fixed a bug where the same message would keep poping up

padscore: Opening the input configuration window no longer temporarily disconnects the emulated controllers
padscore: Fixed PPC stack corruption caused by KPADSamplingCallback (#140)

nn_fp: IsOnline() now only returns true if there is an established friend server session. This should fix crashes or softlocks in games that only worked in online mode

GX2: Shader tweaks to bridge the gap between OpenGL and the upcoming Vulkan renderer
     If you are a graphic pack developer, be aware of these changes:
     - All shaders are now generated with a Vulkan and OpenGL compatible header using #ifdef / #endif preprocessor directives
     - gl_Position should always be set via the new SET_POSITION() macro
     - Shaders used in combination with point primitives always have to write gl_PointSize
     - Point shaders that get their point size from renderstate have a new uniform variable (uf_pointSize)
     - Primitive points will modify the vertex shader base hash (+0x71)
     Existing custom shaders remain compatible with the OpenGL backend, except for vertex/geometry shaders used in combination with GL_POINTS which need to be updated

(#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See

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